our first drabble entry! (and other random tidbits.)

Our first drabble entry!

Eleanor submitted:

“she held him in her hand like she had so many times before.

long, thick, hard and red- so red.

he made her pulse quicken, even after all this time.

she liked to look at him before she used him- before she consumed him.

the anticipation of tasting him was almost better than the real thing…almost.

She tapped him, flirting for him to come.

but she never squeezed. ever.

she was a purist.

And she actually liked that he took so long

because when he did come,

her french fry tasted so much better.

fuck, she loved her heinz.”


As I was adding a “Peter” to the end of an email I was writing the other day, I thought, “You know, a fun sign-off phrase would be cool right here.”

And then I thought, “I feel kinda peckish.”  (Though I suspect that had little to do with the emailing process.)

But, yeah, a fun sign-off phrase…

The first time I talked to Jen on the phone (lo those many years ago) just before we hung up she said, “Rock on.”

My first thought was “Uhm…  What was that?”

My second was, “I think I’m in love.”  (Honestly.)

I haven’t figured out exactly what phrase I’ll choose, but I’ve been test driving a few.

Get funky*,

(*Imagine it as “Get funkaaaaay.”)


We all have our top 5 celebs blah blah.  But what about a top five from a specific era?  Here is my list for the 60s.  I bet my 60s pick-up lines would work on them.

Angie Dickenson (in general.)
Samantha from Bewitched.
Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.
Jane Fonda (in Barberella.)
Ann-Margret (in Made in Paris.)

(These are in no particular order, as I am friends with the daughter of one of those lovely women, and it could lead to me catching a beating if she isn’t ranked high enough.)


Wanna know what makes you feel old?  Hanging out with a girl you dated in college and her 5’8″ daughter.

10 thoughts on “our first drabble entry! (and other random tidbits.)

  1. For a while, my sign-off consisted of a combination of a cute and/or fantastical creature and a breakfast food: “Kittens & Pancakes,” “Unicorns & Waffles,” “Gryphons & Bacon.” That last one is what made me rethink that phase. Now I usually use “Rock out.” (Honestly.)

    “Get funky” is fine, but yes, you can do better.

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