orchestral maneuvers

sometimes i can’t sleep
not often
but sometimes
i wonder
if insomnia is greek for zombie
you know
spreading its cold hands
fear runs faster
in the blackness
it plagues one side of my family
has thus far
had mercy on me
clear conscience
i suppose
or short memory
i add
in a melodramatic tone
that resonates best
at night
as the ceiling fan wobbles
i come up with a clever line
about mayans and
self-fulfilling prophecies
but am too lazy to jot it down
i have found a spot
in the past few months
my spot
the spot
that lets me sleep
i eventually try it
why don’t i start there?
cause what would happen
if it didn’t work?
and so i get there
curled up
facing left
my left?
the bed’s left?
and so i get there
curled up
facing EAST
toes wiggling
eyes closing
real men admit that
they want to be the little spoon
to the mocking darkness

2 thoughts on “orchestral maneuvers

  1. Oh, insomnia, that mean, dirty monster. I can’t imagine how I’d function if I couldn’t sleep at night. Lately, I’ve had too many things running through my mind, so I force myself to count backwards, so my brain focuses on something else. It usually works.

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