Oooooh. Exciting!

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  1. Matt says:

    On a scale of 1-10, how lazy is Peter when it comes to doing household chores? Does he let the dishes pile up? Does he have dirty boxers stuffed under the couch cushion?

    Please tell the truth and don’t let Peter edit it.

    Thank you.

  2. sid says:

    Yes, I’ve definitely noticed how you tend to sidestep certain questions.

  3. brandy says:

    Dear Jen,

    1. How did you did you muster the strength to deal with a terror like Peter on a daily basis?

    2. Peter often describes himself as lovely or charming- words I usually save for rainbows or unicorns. How would you best describe Peter?

    3. He’s joking about the Lauren Graham love isn’t he? I mean no one is really THAT blind to her lack of talent and general ungraceful acting presence? (The fact that you have mentioned her broad shoulders makes me love you far more than I should love someone I do not know).

  4. shine says:

    Dear Jen,

    1. Does Peter talk about himself this much in person or does the conversation ever drift to other topics?

    2. Peter actually likes musicals, doesn’t he?

    3. Please share an embarrassing story about Peter.

    4. Do you think it’s an odd coincidence that the Spanish word for “pregnant” is so close to the English word “embarrassed”?

    Your email exchange made my day. Thanks!

    • Peter DeWolf says:

      “Your email exchange made my day.”

      So you know, jen is my delightful ex. JENN hates Canada and all that is good in the world.

      • shine says:

        Oh. Well, date people with different names, then. It’s confusing. It’s easier when you just talk about yourself instead of getting me all confused with an extra “n”

  5. Amanda says:

    See now, this is a conundrum though, because this is someone with whom you have been romantically involved, and therefore it is difficult to think of any questions that aren’t “Peter in a relationship” questions. Also, I am slightly skeptical as to the forthcomingness of Jen – however delightful I did indeed find her – due to her Omegle record. Who’s to say she’s not just going to take a question about “How does Peter like his steak prepared?” and start talking about the meaning of life?

    Also, I can’t think of any questions.

  6. I don’t have any questions at the moment…I’m thinking….

  7. HippieChyck says:

    why did you guys break up?

  1. June 30, 2009

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