The other day, for the first time in many months, I checked my traffic stats for my blog.


I mean, I’m not shocked that it has dropped to almost nothing, you know, since I haven’t really been writing on here. And then there was the whole drama queen move of announcing a retirement.

But, still.

In my brain, I imagine people still visiting and foraging through my archives. Literally frolicking in my writing. Throwing words in the air.

“Did this dude really use the phrase ‘rampant ass-fuckery’?”

I can’t wrap my mind around people moving on to other blogs and forgetting me. Which, really, is a lot like how I feel after a break-up. “She’s dating someone else? REALLY? That dude?”

Let’s face it, the next dude is always a step down. But, I don’t expect these women to fall completely apart without me.

Maybe just become nuns.

I’m mostly kidding.

I’ve always felt like my blog had a cap on it anyway, as far as potential traffic goes. I don’t think it has ever been a typical blog. Lots of fiction writing. Not much personal information shared. Annoying posts about how it isn’t a typical blog. Etc.

I don’t think I could ever be a blogger that talks about what I’m doing each day. Usually my favourite part of any day is the time when I get to just sit and write. But, how would I blog about that to make it sound amazing? I’m not Megan.

I don’t think anyone wants to hear about how I found the perfect comfy spot to sit, with laptop open, listening to Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul” with a pretty muse in mind.

It makes me spectacularly happy though.

I don’t think I can properly explain the rush I get when a cool phrase pops into my head and I run for a pad of post-its to try to jot it down before it is replaced in my head with sports statistics and the lyrics to 80s tunes.

I have been around the blogworld long enough to know exactly how I could build traffic. I know the types of posts I can write to get 50+ comments. I understand the old trick of commenting and kissing ass everywhere to get traffic back.

Ehh. That shit isn’t me.

I’m content to sit in my little corner of the world and do my thing. I love when people dig it and let me know, but I don’t need that.

And lately there has been more Buffalo Springfield and more post-its everywhere.

So… lots of writing in general and nobody reading my blog.

I’m cool with that.

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  1. If it’s any consolation, I’m still reading; I just don’t often click over from my feed reader. Perhaps lots of other people are doing the same?

  2. exactly what stef said… we’re all still here, we just have no reason to click through from our reader (i.e., nothing new to comment on). quit your whining, PDW, you know that 400 people still have a crush on you.

  3. You know what type of posts you need to write 50+ comments? Really? Care like sharing?

    P.S I know this rush of which you speak. I know it well.

  4. I still read you! Unfortunately, I do most of my blog reading through my feed readers, so it doesn’t count toward your hit total. Sorry about that.

    If it’s any consolation, I switched blog providers (which meant an address change) a year ago, and I still haven’t recovered, traffic-wise.

  5. If it helps at all, I too keep refreshing you on my feed reader as well. In case you have been posting and feeder hasn’t kept up.

    Also, I would read ANYTHING you posted on Blog Me A Tale; but I think you hate it over there…

  6. Way to call me a nobody. My esteem is sooo low, now. *sniff*
    I only disappeared for a while! It’s me… not you!!! (I know how bad it sounds but it’s true!)
    Don’t stop writing – ever.

  7. That is so weird that you would stop writing and it would make people stop coming to read what you don’t write. I am mystified!

  8. It’s definitely time to bring blogging back. Represent with the NS crew!

    Have you by chance stopped by http://halifax.infomonkey.net? You can list your URL as well as cross-post snippets to get more local readers.

    Anyway, you’ve been added to the RSS feed so don’t let me down.

  9. well you’re still in my READER peter :)

    so i never miss a beat even if i’m not jacking up your stats.

    and no i’m not doing it to get 50+ comments back.

  10. You never read my blog or kissed my ass, but I always read what you write, and I missed you when you went away. Just so you know.

  11. Also…while I’m plugging things, if you’re in the Halifax area, come to the social media meet-up at 6pm at The Argyle on Thursday, April 24

  12. I won’t comment on your blog if you don’t comment on mine.

    That’s actually a joke, I’ve just been so crazily busy with school and work lately. You know. Because otherwise I’d be spending every waking moment playing scrabulous with you and pouting when I’m losing.

  13. oh good, does this mean you’ll be posting more?? your blog really is special, and it’s been missed!

    btw: the verification word is ‘ibhpy’–I Be Happy! Whee!

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