Ohhhhh, Nipper.

Because my birthday is Sunday, The ACN came back down to celebrate it with me. This time she brought her mommy and daddy and Nipper.

You may remember that the last time Nipper came down, we got into a tiny bit of trouble… when we destroyed my mother’s living room.

This time my sister decided not to bring the toy that we used for our campaign of destruction. Something called a “Kong.”

However, when my sister unpacked when she got here, she opened a bag with the dog food and leash and found the…


Apparently Nipper took it and dropped it into the bag before they left.

You gotta respect that kind of dedication to causing trouble.

I think that Nipper has developed a crush on me. She follows me around, carrying toys for us to play with. If I am busy, she gives me indignant little barks. And if that doesn’t work, she puts her head down and gives me a puppy pout.

She’s clearly been well coached.

[The Monkey JUST called from her grandparents’ house.

Monkey: Were you up?

Peter: I’ve been up for hours.

Monkey: (in one breath) You probably haven’t been up for hours but you’ve been up for a while I guess Is [The ACN] there I only saw the car this morning I was walking back to my house the door was locked and my dad was trying to get sleep so I came back here and was going to call him but they all told me that he’d be mad if I woke him up but I’m not afraid of my dad I want to go visit [The ACN] before I go to the craft show is she going to the craft show? My aunt is calling in I gotta go.


Speaking of my birthday (we were, scroll back!) where are my damn cards and gifts?

You suck.

Because it is crazy to have to blog on my birthday, I have a special guest poster lined up for tomorrow. It is the ex formerly (and currently, really) known as HRC.

Her birthday is in a couple of days, so, to return the favour, I’ll be guest posting for her.

Which, let’s face it, is some pretty good incentive for her to say nice things about me tomorrow.


Edit to add: A little pre-craft show cuddling.

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow (it’s actually TODAY in Australia, but anyway)Have a good one you gorgeous boy ((Hugs and inappropriate groping))

  2. kongs are about the coolest dog toy ever created. seriously. put some peanut butter in that thing and you’ll see :)

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