Oh Britney…

Not many of you know that I am a world-renown lyricist.

True story.

A few of the things I’ve written include:

Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4.”
O-Town’s “Liquid Dreams.”
The Armenian national anthem. (Mer Hayrenik like a mother fucker!)

I haven’t written any songs in a while. But, that is about the change.


The Britney Spears story… I had to say something. And I think I say things best with my lyrics, you know? So, I woke up early this morning and wrote this. I hope it means as much to you to read it as it did for me to write it.

(Please note: The spoken sections are italicized.)

Oh Britney

You know I love you, Britney. Our time together was magic. But, girl… what happened?

Baby, where did it all go wrong.
Once you had my heart.
And now I’m writing a song,
About how you tore it all apart.

I knew that things were bad,
When I saw you in your car.
Camera flashes illuminating,
The jagged c-section scar.

C-section scaaaaar across my heart.

And the way you dress, girl.
You used to have a knack.
Now it’s like you’re sticking ten pounds of shit,
Into a five pound sack.

And not a pretty sack.
Noooooo not a pretty sack.

You once made me laugh,
calling people from Maine “exotic.”
Look at you now,
Bitch, what was up with “Chaotic?”

Shaky cameraaaaaaaaaas.

If we got back together,
I know your heart would sing.
I miss looking into my boxers,
And seeing an orange Cheetohs ring.

[Guitar solo.]

I offered you my ring.
I offered you it all.
You replied with, “Rhubarb,
Rhubarb, purple lampshade, y’all.”
And I didn’t understand.
That shit was indecipherable.

Indecipherable with loooove.

Ohhhhh Britney.

Where the fuck you get those wigs at?

Ohhhhh Britney.

I was the one that knocked up your sister.

Ohhhhh Britney.

I only dated you because Mandy Moore wouldn’t put out.

Ohhhhh Britney.

I send you… my love.

– Copyright 2008 El Lobo Grande Musical Publishing

0 thoughts on “Oh Britney…

  1. i always thought the voice of this blog was similar to they lyrical prowess of O-Town.

    Did you happen to write “Faded” by SoulDecision? I know you’re humble, but you really should fess up.

  2. that was HYSTERICAL. I nearly fell off my chair. You know, if i was sitting in a chair.

    I am all about the youtube version of this. It’ll be so much better than that guy crying hysterically about britney.

  3. I say youtube it… shirtless possibly?

    Isn’t there more spear kids waiting to come out of the woodwork? Then we can have like a Jackson 5 clan of tranwrecks?

  4. this was really too funny. i loved it. damn. i usually hate things making fun of britney. my love her her is my secret shame.

  5. Can I ask without sounding completely stupid for a sex craved teenager?

    What is “putting out”?

    I’m a looser aren’t I?

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