Of sharing tents and whatnot

So, I finally got around to seeing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN the other night.

You know, I think those two fellas were more than just good friends.


Sorry, I can never resist that one. It is like when I hear that someone is pregnant and I say, “Wow. Do they know what caused it?”

I know better, yet I am easily amused.

I haven’t been avoiding the film or anything, I just didn’t happen to see it until now.

It was decent enough.

I do have a problem, historically, with films where characters — played by the same actors — age more than a few years. That irked me some. Not a powerful irking, but some irkage nonetheless.

I’m also not sure exactly what I took away from the film.

Maybe that when left alone on top of a mountain, guys will resort to rough-housing and angry butt-sex to pass the time. And that those two things, we all know full well, are the cornerstones to any good relationship.

I initially didn’t buy the relationship at all. To me it was just two dudes with an annoying job having a few drinks. Then suddenly Heath Ledger is spitting in his hand and getting down to work.


My first reaction to it was joking about all those sexy sheep as an alternative choice. (Damn Scottish blood.)

I did, however, begin to buy the relationship when Heath Ledger was chainsmoking in his apartment with Jen from “Dawson’s Creek” and waiting for Gyllenhall to arrive to “go fishing.” There did seem to be a yearning there.

Though I think it was a bad decision for Ledger to channel the dude from SLING BLADE. I spent half the movie waiting for him to say “I like them French fried potaters.” He did say “Mmmm” numerous times.

I also feel a bit misled. I was expecting a “cowboy” movie. Like a western. Something set in Kansas in the 1860s. With gunfights and hookers and junk.

But, Kate Mara was in it. That made up for a lot.

I cracked up laughing when in the end credits I noticed — after watching for 2.5 hours — that it was based on a short story.

I liked the film. I didn’t love it. I’m not sure what all the fuss was about.

What I did learn was that…

1) Some love stories weren’t meant to be.

2) Trying to force love, when it isn’t there, doesn’t work.

3) If you are using fishing trips for a cover for your gay sexcapades, at least bring home a couple of friggin’ fish.

Look at me. I’m growing. I got through this entire thing without once mentioning a topless Anne Hathaway and —

Ah crap!!

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  1. I too finally got around to watching Brokeback (it was part of my scintillating New Year’s Eve celebration). Your review was spot on.

    Did anyone else understand the whole fight/fireworks/Greatest American Hero bit?

  2. I love actors’ aging in movies! I think it really allows the makeup artists to show their talent. I’m serious, but for some reason, that makes me laugh…

  3. stormin’: I’m considering watching THE DEVIL WORE PRADA this weekend just for a Anne Hathaway fix.

    eve: I just can’t seem to forget how old the actors are in real life. There is suspension of disbelief, but for this, I’d need to take disbelief out behind the shed and work it over with a 2 X 4.

  4. I went to see Brokeback Mountain at the theatre. After all, Heath and Jake – you want to see that hot and sweaty man lovin’ on the big screen. It was obvious that every man in the place was dragged there by their girlfriend/wife/massage therapist. I definately wasn’t prepared for the rough man handling. Everyone left the theatre in silence, collectively we knew we’d never use the phrase “I wish I knew how to quit you” ever again.

  5. Two hot guys kissing? Oh give me some more of THAT. Not even a porno too, i can watch it out in the open and shit. Yeeeeeeehaw!!

  6. I thought it was amazing. It took me two days to recover – it was just so damn SAD. I don’t know if I walked away with anything profound – but I thought the actors captured the absolute torment of “forbidden” love perfectly. And the supporting roles were incredible too – “Jen” totally GOT it. There’s a scene (i think at the end) where Heath Ledger is thinking back on it all and there’s a brief shot of him throwing his arm around Jake before he heads down the mountain. It’s one of the only moments where you can tell they’re both just happy and o.k. – it’s in such contrast to everything else. That image stands out more than anything else to me for some reason.

  7. erika: For some reason, I expected the part with the “quit” line to be… bigger. Or something. I know that it was at a pivotable moment. But, I expected it to have more impact based on how often it was quoted afterwards.

    steph: Can’t take you aussies anywhere! ;)

    megan: It was definitely sad. And I should admit that, desite the fact that it overlapped the beginning of a basketball game I had been waiting for, I watched it right until the very end. I liked that it was somewhat hopeful that at the very end, he decided to take of from work to attend Kate Mara’s wedding. Especially since she was the one person he didn’t push away.

    Overall, I found the post-relationship stuff more believable than the relationship itself. Though, I suppose an argument could be made that they played the scenes together as conflicted and maybe that was why I didn’t buy it.

    And now I realize that I am making a long-assed reply in an old post and nobody will probably read this. :)

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