Now THIS is a recap – Part 2

Part 1 may have left a little of my testosterone on your monitor. Some windex will get that right off.

You missed a spot. No. Right there. Got it.

Now the top 11 fellas…

Brandon Jones – Kenny Rogers – “Lady”

Dude is from Quispamsis, NB. At one point during college I worked in a city near Quispamsis. One night a bunch of guys were getting together to play basketball at the highschool there and invited me to attend. I did. I was a foot taller than anyone else. They were playing so erratically it was baffling. And I caught two elbows in the cherries. I didn’t go back a second time.

As for his performance, it was okay. He likes to put his own spin on songs. Which he seems to make up as he goes along. He’s only 17 and has a decent voice. Plus he did a Kenny Rogers song. Kenny is a PIMP. For real. (Brandon on ye olde YouTube.)

Chris Labelle – Marc Cohn – “Walking in Memphis”

Remember in Part 1 when I mentioned “loons” getting through? This is who I was talking about. He is rocking a mowhawk. And wore a t-shirt that says “Grammaz *heart* mowhawks.”

Dude is a ton of fun. His voice is a little different, but really pretty good.

My only complaint is that I hate the song. I get flashbacks from it. During college, I fished lobsters for two summers. This required me getting up at 3 am (after staying out with my friends until midnight), trying to stomach some food and then hopping in the old truck and heading for the wharf. And EVERY single morning this song played on the radio. It inspires a Pavlovian chair-tossing effect with me now.

Craig Sharpe – Rascal Flatts – “What Hurts The Most.”

Craig is 16. He has a very, very good voice. But, he sounds like a girl. Honestly. (He also has child-bearing hips.) It’s all quite odd. Dude can sign though.

Greg Neufeld – Jason “I’d like to buy a vowel, Alex” Mraz – “You And I Both”

This dude is our token pretty boy. He’s from Abbotsford, BC. His band opened for The Trews during their last tour. That is quite cool. Management here at PDDC likes The Trews.

And this dude can also really sing his ass off. He is like our Ace Young, but with possibly a better voice, and none of that falsetto bullshit.

Oddly enough, his type doesn’t seem to go as far as expected in these things. They never last as long as the non-threatening pretty boys. (See Jones, Brandon.)

Nathan Brown – Sam Cooke – “Change is Gonna Come”

Sadly the change was his ass getting shipped home. He’s 26 and from Edmonton – the city of champions.

He did a very gospelly version of this song, and the viewers didn’t feel it. I can’t judge as I fast forwardededed most of it myself. He does have talent though. And he looks very funny when moving super fast.

Rob James – Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together”

Rob used to belong to a singing duo called McMaster & James. The had a hit or two up here a number of years ago. He is competing now because his recording contract from the day has finally ended.

He’s a great singer. Very professional. Seems like the kind of guy you’d like to watch the Super Bowl with.

But, so far he is not displaying the “wow factor.”

I could TOTALLY judge this sumbitch.

Sheldon Elter – Paul Pena – “Gonna Move (New Train)

Yeah, I had no idea who Paul Pena was either. Apparently he wrote Steve Miller’s “Jet Airliner.” I like to educate in my blog.

I thought this guy was all kinds of awesome. You definitely want him at your next party. The judges weren’t feeling him all that much. I blame the song. I think he would rock some Burton Cummings or Guess Who songs.


Koz – Bryan Adams – “It’s Only Love”

So, dude auditions as Jeremy Koz. Because, well, that’s his name and junk. But, somehow when he made the top 22, he decided that he wanted to be referred to as “Koz.” Fair enough. Let me try it…

Koz got sent home.

Ridiculous name changes aside, he wasn’t a bad singer. Another rocker dude. He looked like Constantine from last year’s American Idol. He owns 22 custom designed tuxedo jackets.

He has a powerful rock voice, but not a very pleasing one.

Wait… 22 tuxedo jackets?

Chad Doucette – Keith Urban – “Tonight I Wanna Cry”

Keith Urban, is he the dude who married Nicole Kidman? ‘Cause I’d wanna cry too, if I woke up next to her skinny, personalityless ass.

Chad is from Nova Scotia. (Whoooo!) East Chezzetcook, to be specific. You know, I’ve never, ever heard of West Chezzetcook. Odd.

He almost made the top 32 last year (yes, I said 32) as a 16 year old, but came up just a bit short.

Chad kicked this song’s ass. If you don’t believe me, ask YouTube.

This song has been stuck in my head for days. I kinda hate Chad and Keith Urban right now.

Keith MacPherson – Howie Day – “Collide”

I was not prepared for this guy to be as good as he was. (Again, YouTube it.)

He’s a funny guy, though I suspect a little of him might go a long way.

He kind of reminds you of the geeky guy that dates your ex-girlfriend after you break up. The one who, while you grudgingly accept his right to exist on your planet, in your darkest hours punching him in the face crosses your mind.

You know, hypothetically speaking.

He also looks like he could be Seth Green’s second cousin. On his father’s side.

Tyler Lewis – 3 Doors down – “Here Without You”

Tyler is 19 and from Rockglen, SK. He has a good rocker voice. He could also totally fill in for the lead singer of 3 Doors Down, or any of the similar sounding bands out there. Five For Fighting. The Four Tops. Whatever.

Tyler watches Family Guy. That’s bad.

But, he has a belt buckle with a beer bottle opener built into it. That’s good.

However, beer bottles are twist offs these days. That’s bad.

So, I’m torn on Tyler.

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  1. Great recap – I think we agree on most all of them (Chris Labelle aside – he’s gotta GO…)

    Being from Rothesay (thisclose to Quispamsis), I’m anticipating the swell of Brandon-mania – he’s a cute kid so I hope he stays on the show for a while.

    I was most elated with Sheldon being spared from elimination – I really REALLY like him (girl perspective: that SMILE. Oh my.) and hope he comes back next week with a song that people will know!

    So tell me, Peter – do you vote?


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