"Nothing dies harder than a bad idea."


I’ve stopped using Aqua Net hairspray. I’ve stopped spraying butter-flavoured Pam inside of my skin-tight Sergio Valente jeans to make them slide on easier – and smell delicious.

Still, I think that there is more that I can do.

I do have some knowledge about global warming. This isn’t like the Middle East. But, I don’t have nearly enough.

I am, however, a little a-feared to see the documentary. I half suspect that it may freak me out and cause me to begin tracking global temperatures maniacally. The fact that I’ve spent more time outside in t-shirts than jackets over the past few weeks was already enough to make me say “Hmmmmm.” This is Canada. In January. Come on.

I woke up way early this morning, and checked my satellite dish to see when the next pay-per-vu showing of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH was beginning. I would have had to wait an hour, so instead I finally started reading The Artist’s Way.

And already I am finding myself much more excited about it than I expected.

A few years ago, I would have considered this book kinda [please note that Peter is making “out there” hand motions and sound effects.]

But, now I seem to be at the right age, in the right mindset, and experiencing the right amount of dissatisfaction with my writing to be more open.

A couple pages in, the author pretty much listed – and dispelled – all of the concerns I would typically have with this kind of book. I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t make me feel a smidge less unique, but it also made me hopeful.

The author made it sound like even stubborn shits like me could have success with her teachings.

I hope that she’s right.

I’ve already learned that Einstein did his best thinking while in the shower. So, that’s another thing that he and I have in common. The first being the unruly hair. Why? What did you think I meant?

Although I am still a bit uncertain on how to have artist child play dates, I can see the benefits of the two main exercises in the book. The things that they are supposed to help with are things that I definitely feel like I need help with.

I’m not going to go into any great detail at this point. Perhaps I will as I get further along in the book.

And while it is definitely not the reason for me doing it, maybe the book will help the quality of my blog posts.

More importantly, maybe it’ll teach me not to be so critical of writings on a blog that, by it’s very design, was meant for first-drafts and writing exercises only.

We’ll see.

0 thoughts on “"Nothing dies harder than a bad idea."

  1. You are the third person in the last month and a half or so to mention this. I just might have to look into it. Looking forward to hearing your “reflections” as you go through the book!

  2. Einstein was born in 1879. What kind of a shower did he have? When were water heaters invented? Something tells me he didn’t spend that much time in the shower. Look at his hair!

  3. Global Warming makes me laugh. It’s fucking freezing here and we have six inches of snow… Last Night.

    Two the night before…

  4. Oh, and also – I’ll bet Pam is moisturizing. That’s sick.

    Good question about Einstein in the shower. Maybe it was the bath?

    Oh, and the weird weather – isn’t that el nino?

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