"Nothing dies harder than a bad idea."

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  1. Mood Indigo says:

    You are the third person in the last month and a half or so to mention this. I just might have to look into it. Looking forward to hearing your “reflections” as you go through the book!

  2. Amy says:

    Einstein was born in 1879. What kind of a shower did he have? When were water heaters invented? Something tells me he didn’t spend that much time in the shower. Look at his hair!

  3. The Stormin Mormon says:

    Global Warming makes me laugh. It’s fucking freezing here and we have six inches of snow… Last Night.

    Two the night before…

  4. Eve says:

    Oh, and also – I’ll bet Pam is moisturizing. That’s sick.

    Good question about Einstein in the shower. Maybe it was the bath?

    Oh, and the weird weather – isn’t that el nino?

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