note to self

Sometimes I forget why I blog.

These days I get so fixated on working towards a final product. I want to finish the new novel. I want to complete an article just perfectly.  It really sucks the fun out of it.

I’ve lost sight of why I originally fell in love with blogging.

I just wanted to write.

I didn’t care what it was.

A trip through my archives will reveal non-fiction, fiction, poetry, complete silliness, and even a little bit of steamy NSFW fiction. (Though most of that has been moved to a more secure location.) Blog posts even lead to this.

I just wrote whatever popped into my head, whenever it popped into my head. I hit “publish” and I didn’t give it a second thought.

It was kind of awesome.

I still leave myself notes on post-its like I did during my blogging heydey.

Two recent ones:

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does NOT apply to herpes.


If that chick’s group of friends is The Fast and The Furious, she’s Tokyo Drift.


Clearly I’ve lost my blogging mojo. But I’m not one to accept such things. I want it back.

So here is my vow:

I’m going to try to blog every day.

It’s not a vow to you. It’s a vow to me.

Short posts.  Long posts.  Serious posts.  Ridiculous posts.

I’m going to comment more. I’m going to continue to develop projects like this. I’m even going to vlog on occasion.  (In various baseball caps.)

I want blogging to be fun for me again.  I know blogging doesn’t owe me anything at this point.  It’s already done so much for me.  But I just want to feel again like I did in my early blogging days.  When every comment notification excited me.  When I’d find a new blog I enjoyed and tell everyone I knew.

I want that again, you know?


Let’s do some fucking blogging.

14 thoughts on “note to self

  1. Good for you Peter! I try to blog every day (right now for nablopomo, but this whole year just BECAUSE) and it’s not easy… But it IS a lot of fun. I have no doubt you’ll find your inspiration and love of blogging again. Look forward to reading what comes out of it :)

  2. yes, this. exactly this. sometimes i lose sight of why i do this. why i come back to the computer day after day. but then i remember it isn’t for anyone. it’s for me.

    yay for more blogging! can’t wait.

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