not exactly mlk, eh?

i had a dream
about you last night
i had almost
sort of
a two second
conversation about
earlier in the evening
i blame that
and you were here
and in pjs
for some reason
and hair down
and bangs
and here wasn’t
and there were a bunch of
people around
and someone said
you were going
to hook up
with this guy
i know this guy
i’ve known him for years
and i said
not happening
and people said
she’s not yours
and i said
fuck you
and they reminded that
i have someone else
and that’s when i knew it was
a dream
and i said
don’t care
and i told you
not happening
and you smiled
and i told you why
he’s not
good enough
and you smiled again
‘you expected more hot
than cute
but i bring cute too’
and i nodded
and you told me you
lost your coat
and you were sad
and i was sad
and we looked
and i kept boys
and i found the coat
and you hugged me
and your hair smelled nice

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16 Responses

  1. Sid says:

    Ha. Last night I had a nightmare and woke up in tears. Dreamt my folks were going to lose the house since they could no longer afford the mortgage.

  2. Sarah says:

    Way to blow my dream post out of the water.

    Haha. I almost followed that up with “Jerkface” but then realized you might not know me well enough yet to realize that I do not actually think your face is a jerk.

    Although, you’re pretty bright.


  3. Alexia says:

    Too cute for school, Dewolf. Should there be more capitals in your surname?

    PS: ‘Mlk’ is the abbreviation of the Greek word ‘malaka’. This is the most popular word ever. It means ‘wanker’. We use it as ‘dude’. Like the word ‘fuck’, it has multiple forms: adjective, verb etc. It is the first Greek word your Greek friend will teach you, whoever you are and whoever your Greek friend is.

  4. Doniree says:

    Somehow I feel like she’s more my type than yours.

  5. emilyo says:

    Good one, DeWolf. Per usual. Creative + manly = hot combination.

  6. heather says:

    It COULD be the dream he was talking about. It’s pretty lovely.

  7. Heather Rose says:

    I think it’s a rule that girls like being told their hair smells nice. It’s in our DNA or something.

  8. Emily says:

    i think im in love with you

  9. Love it. Sweet, yet realistic.

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