not exactly mlk, eh?

i had a dream
about you last night
i had almost
sort of
a two second
conversation about
earlier in the evening
i blame that
and you were here
and in pjs
for some reason
and hair down
and bangs
and here wasn’t
and there were a bunch of
people around
and someone said
you were going
to hook up
with this guy
i know this guy
i’ve known him for years
and i said
not happening
and people said
she’s not yours
and i said
fuck you
and they reminded that
i have someone else
and that’s when i knew it was
a dream
and i said
don’t care
and i told you
not happening
and you smiled
and i told you why
he’s not
good enough
and you smiled again
‘you expected more hot
than cute
but i bring cute too’
and i nodded
and you told me you
lost your coat
and you were sad
and i was sad
and we looked
and i kept boys
and i found the coat
and you hugged me
and your hair smelled nice

16 thoughts on “not exactly mlk, eh?

  1. Ha. Last night I had a nightmare and woke up in tears. Dreamt my folks were going to lose the house since they could no longer afford the mortgage.

  2. Way to blow my dream post out of the water.

    Haha. I almost followed that up with “Jerkface” but then realized you might not know me well enough yet to realize that I do not actually think your face is a jerk.

    Although, you’re pretty bright.


  3. Too cute for school, Dewolf. Should there be more capitals in your surname?

    PS: ‘Mlk’ is the abbreviation of the Greek word ‘malaka’. This is the most popular word ever. It means ‘wanker’. We use it as ‘dude’. Like the word ‘fuck’, it has multiple forms: adjective, verb etc. It is the first Greek word your Greek friend will teach you, whoever you are and whoever your Greek friend is.

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