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  1. James Cooper says:

    For some reason my brain meshed handymen speaking with Jersey accents but using Shakespearean style and iambic pentameter. And, of course, the occasional sudden monologue.

    And I’m still confused by the notion of posting that there will be no post.

  2. Peter says:

    I am confusing like that. ;)

    Now I’ll comment to say that I won’t be commenting… on comments.

  3. LG says:

    Darn you, Peter. I was just going to not comment since you didn’t post, then you commented about not commenting. I think you may have altered the time-space continuum, you accidental mad physicist, you!

  4. kario says:

    Somehow I accidentally got the phrase “plumber’s butts” mixed up in my brain so that the words sounded like “plumber’s nuts”. Perhaps it’s the late hour or the wine I’ve had this evening, but I can’t picture a man in tights without seeing the front…you know.

    Anyway, I’m done now.

  5. Peter says:

    LG: You are getting waaay too close to figuring out my evil schemes.

    Kario: Contractors wear tights. Plumbers are Romans and wear toga-like dealies.

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