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  1. sid says:

    Seriously? These are the questions you’d ask? Coz I’d soooo fail. Half the post I had no idea what the hell you were talking about. These are the only questions I could answer.
    11) 1234 – Feist

    13) Manual

    14) Paper

    15) Yes

    16) Never match

    17) Toughie. Braveheart/City of Angels/Troy. Basically I love movies where the male lead dies …

    19) Black tank top

    20) Vervet monkey. Those little f*ckers are adorable. I could spend hours watching then chase each other and jump from tree to tree.

    • Peter DeWolf says:

      You get extra credit for Feist and for comparing me to an adorable monkey. But leaving half of the questionnaire blank would lead to me hitting on our waitress. (Well, depending on how she replies to the Hungry Hungry Hippos Qs.)

      • sid says:

        We don’t have Hungry Hungry Hippos in SA. We don’t have Mustangs or Corvettes.
        Betty. Veronica is too superficial.
        Toilet paper SHOULD always spool from the top
        Facial stubble ALWAYS looks good on a dude. Not so much on a chick.
        7, 8 & 9) Yeah don’t have much of an opinion on wedding stuff. All I know is that I want a sexy dress (nothing puffy or princess like) and chocolate cake. I don’t really give two shits about the rest of the wedding details.
        10) No idea what Chucks are. Don’t think we have them in SA.

        Happy now???

  2. Lys says:

    5) no

    6) mustang. but only if it’s a fastback boss mach 1. or the GT 500 from “Gone in 60 Seconds.” no excuses. though, now that i think about it…the shelby cobra GT wouldn’t be bad either, but it’d have to be a ’69.

    12) no

    13) manual

  3. Ben says:

    No no no no no. You’re getting it all wrong. You have to do the point, wave, finger guns when you walk down the aisle.

    C’mon man. Don’t screw that one up.

  4. Kara says:

    Interesting questions…some require thought.

    I would say I would love a 67 Mustang but could I have a 57 Corvette too?

    You already know my fav. item of clothing.

    And stubble on a guy is sexy.

  5. Matt says:

    Im trying to work out how that game of strip hungry hungry hippos would work. Like, after all the white pellets are gone, whoever has less, has to take off their clothes?

    Now I am picturing naked girls playing hungry hippos… and I want to thank you for that.

    • Peter DeWolf says:

      I think you could also adjust the rules to say that “five balls collected = one item of clothing” or some such. There’s really no wrong way to do it.

      And you are welcome, sir.

  6. Shelley says:

    So you hand the girl the clipboard with the pen and the string on the first date? Do you make her fill it out before you pull away from the curb, or do you surprise her with it at the restaurant? Also, if she’s cool with the strip hungry hungry hippos, be sure to mention that that’s a winter sport – in the summer you’ll be enjoying strip croquet.

    One more thing: if a guy ever did hand me a survey like that, he would be guaranteed a second date. (Yeah, I’m married… but I’m just saying.)

  7. shine says:

    1. Probably the Stones, but I’d have a tough time choosing because I love both. Can I have both?

    2. I don’t even see how this is a question. Anyone who spools the toilet paper from the bottom is just WRONG.

    3. Duh. Betty.

    4. Eh. I prefer nay, but I understand male laziness.

    5. How could anyone be opposed to that? I’m not sure what the rules are, but I’m in.

    6. Hmm…I think the ’67 Mustang. But I do like old curvy Corvettes. And I have no love for new Mustangs period.

    7. Best idea I’ve ever heard, if you must have a big wedding. Why don’t I wait for you at the altar, while you strut your stuff? I still get the pretty dress.

    8. Or the theme from Rocky?

    9. I would think less of you if you didn’t.

    10. Chucks.

    11. Liz Phair, I plead the fifth on which song.

    12. You never joke about stripping, Peter.

    13. If I knew how to drive manual, I’d pick that.

    14. Paper. I love the smell of books. And the feel. Plus, the batteries on my Kindle die, but rarely do I find it hard to open a book.

    15. Probably. I’m kind of torn on this one.

    16. B

    17. Snatch

    18. Allyson Hannigan, I hope.

    19. My yellow scarf.

    20. I’m going to go with spider monkey. Cute, but likely to fling poo.

  8. Alex says:

    OK, look, if you spool it from the bottom, then the bulk of the roll helps you to hold the paper in place while you rip it off. How can this be wrong?

    Yes, I know, Peter. I just lost the chance for a second date. You’re too young anyway, and it’s worth it to speak up for the oppressed under-the-rollers.

  9. 1) The Stones
    2) Toilet paper spools over the top
    3) Betty or Veronica? Unsure. Whichever one’s the trollop.
    4) Yay, facial stubble!!!!
    5) I’m not opposed to strip-anything.
    6) ‘67 Mustang
    7) But the groom is already up there, standing around and waiting when the ceremony starts. So, no.
    8) N/A
    9) I would get a divorce shortly after the wedding.
    10) Freshly-polished oxfords.
    11) “When I Think About You, I Touch Myself.” No? Inappropriate?
    12) No.
    13) Are we talking about masturbation or cars?
    14) Paper.
    15) No TV in the bedroom. Bedrooms are for…other things.
    16) My undergarments always match. And they’re pretty damn fancy.
    17) I’m too tired to answer this question.
    18) Natalie Portman. So it would be a short-version of me.
    19) My white, French-cuff Brooks Brothers button-down. Or my black, strapless White House|Black Market cocktail dress. Waspy either way.
    20) Kangaroo.

  10. Peter DeWolf says:

    Is it wrong that I kind of really want to give this questionnaire to a woman on a date now?

    (Yes, I am commenting on my own post.)

  11. BS says:

    Have you posted something along these lines before or am I losing my mind?

    1) Stones
    2) Top
    3) Veronica’s look and walk with Betty’s ability to bake.
    4) Stubble = yum.
    5) Only if the guy doesn’t lock his damn door.
    6) Mustang. First car I ever drove. Not owned, mind you, but drove.
    7) I’d trade him this for getting to pick out the tux. And no renting.
    8) I was saving that for a first dance.
    9) Worse, because I’d be stuck in the back and couldn’t see it. I do love a man who can strut.
    10) Sambas remind me of 7th grade. Chucks.
    11) Whatever’s on the shower radio. Duh.
    12) I hope not.
    13) Automatic. See, I live in San Francisco and we have these things called hills.
    14) Paper. ALWAYS paper.
    15) With an automatic timer.
    16) a, b, d, f
    17) I respectfully refuse to answer.
    18) Danica McKeller.
    19) Black silk dress.
    20) River otter.

  12. SarahBeth says:

    Ha, great questions but I’m not totally sure this would provide you with enough information to determine whether or not you’d want to date someone. I mean, are you looking to get the answers you would give yourself? Or are you wanting an opposites attract type thing? Personally, the things I love most about my boyfriend are the things that are totally different than my own personality. That being said, we moved in together months ago and are still fighting about which way to put the toilet paper roll. OVER THE TOP!!!

  13. Beth says:

    1) The Stones or The Beatles? I like the stones, but the Beatles’ body of work is consistently better.

    2) Toilet paper spools over the top or from the bottom? From the bottom. Logically it should be from the top, but no.

    3) Betty or Veronica? Depends what for.

    4) Facial stubble on a dude: yay or nay? Yay.

    5) Are you completely opposed to Strip Hungry Hungry Hippos? Not at all.

    6) ‘67 Mustang or ‘67 Corvette? Mustang.

    7) You know how women have the Bridal March song thingy? How would you feel about your groom-to-be having his own theme song playing while he enters? Only if I didn’t have to have the bridal march.

    8) And what if it was Nazareth’s “Hair of the Dog?” Its your wedding day, you should have whatever makes you happy. Unless its one of the bridesmaids.

    9) And would him strutting down the aisle, dishing out winks and up-nods to the collected group of present-givers make it better or worse? As long as it didn’t make the present-givers become present-take-back’ers its all good.

    10) On men: Chucks or Adidas Gazelles? (Or Adidas Sambas?) Chucks.

    11) If you were in the shower right now, what song would you be singing? Gives You Hell by the All American Rejects.

    12) Did you think I was kidding about Strip Hungry Hungry Hippos? Not for a second.

    13) Manual or automatic? Automatic. Can’t drive a manual and even if I could, don’t see the point.

    14) Paper or Kindle? Again, it depends what for. You’d only be able to write a teeny tiny amount of stuff on kindle.

    15) TV in the bedroom? Yes.

    16) Your undergarments:

    a) always match – Yes
    b) almost never match
    c) are boring
    d) are faaaancy – Yes again
    e) take months to get into – Depends where you take me to dinner
    f) who wears undergarments?

    17) Third favourite movie of all time? Annie Hall

    18) If they made a movie about you, who would play you? Ed Norton.

    19) What is your favourite item of clothing that you own? A t-shirt that says “Kitty’s Pet Care – your pussy never smelled so good” on it.

    20) If my adorableness was an animal, what kind would it be? A bush baby.

  14. brandy says:

    Visiting old people means everyone is sleeping by 11pm. Thus, I have time to complete your questionaire while I’m on holidays. I should get bonus points for that.

    1)The Stones.

    2)Over the top.

    3)Betty of course.


    5)I’m not opposed to strip anything that involves competition.

    6)I’d rather have a bike with a basket.

    7)Cool because I don’t want to walk in to the bridal march song anyway.



    10)Chucks. (sorry)

    11)What song wouldn’t I be singing is a better question. I’m immersed in country right now (given my surroundings and entertainment) so I’m thinking “All I want to do” by Sugarland. It’s impossible to listen to and not dance. And yes, that’s a goal of a shower song. Dancing.

    12)Absolutely not.


    14)Paper. I like the smell and I need to feel the weight of a book in my hands.

    15)No (sorry again)

    16) You know my answer to this.

    17)The West Wing, season 2

    18)I never know how to answer this one, most people say Drew Barrymore which hurts my soul.

    19) Today? Brown gap shorts. (I think I sent you a link to them before) Oh! And my new fedora.

    20) A shark.

    BONUS Q: Of course. Why do you think I keep hounding you to write another one?

  15. LiLu says:

    GENIUS. Especially the undergarments one… I think you can tell so much about a person from that.

  16. Doniree says:

    1) Beatles
    2) over the top
    3) Betty
    4) depends on the dude
    5) absolutely not though I am intrigued as to how that would work
    6) Stang
    7) i don’t love the bridal march thingy, but sure. what would your theme song be?
    8) I don’t know that song. That makes me super young or you totally old balls. I’m going with B.
    9) better, as long as I got more attention
    10) chucks. on everyone.
    11) Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” because I just watched this
    12) i hope not
    13) auto
    14) paper; call me old fashioned.
    15) NO.
    16) Your undergarments: sometimes match, are always awesome, except when sleeping and my answer is F.
    17) That Thing You Do
    18) ScarJo. Or Samaire Armstrong
    19) the tank top i’m sleeping in
    20) a chinchilla
    BONUS Q: no.

  17. Miss Pickle says:

    1) oooh, tough one…after much deliberation, I’m going with The Stones. Mick Jagger was sexy back in his prime.
    2) TOP
    3) I’m partial to brunettes…but Betty is such a sweetie.
    4) Mmmm, facial stubble
    5) as long as you’re not opposed to stip Connect Four
    6) ’67 Mustang. Candy apple red.
    7) I hope my future husband insists on this. I plan on doing something similar.
    8) Good choice, although I’m imagining The Pixies’ “Here Comes Your Man”
    9) As long as he’s not winking at the bridesmaids, he can fill his boots!
    10) Adidas Sambas
    11) The Dudes “Not S’pose to Call”
    12) Did you think I was kidding about strip Connect Four?
    13) Manual
    14) paper
    15) yes, but only because it’s sometimes fun to romp around on a Saturday night with HNIC on in the background
    16) b & f
    17) The Goonies
    18) I’ve been told Lindsay Lohan…I’m hoping they meant her pre-nutjob days.
    19) my lululemon yoga pants
    20) a French bulldog puppy
    BONUS Q: I sure have. It rocks.

  18. Amanda says:

    Anyone who wouldn’t play Strip Hungry Hungry Hippos should be immediately disqualified.

  19. Amy says:

    since you posted the link on twitter and I read this, I now feel compelled to answer :)

    1) Beatles (specifically their #1 album) Reminds me of when I worked at the Restaurant Saturday mornings and danced my way around the kitchen while being the only one preparing food. The customers thought it was good times as well :)
    2) From the top!
    3) Aren’t two girls better than one? Hmm, ok. Betty.
    4) facial stubble- yay. It can be quite sexy.
    5) I’m not opposed to any strip game.
    6) I’m going to say ’67 Mustang.
    7) Uh- my groom better have his own song.
    8) He can pick whatever song his heart desires.
    9) He can do whatever he wants down the aisle. Winks and nods get points!
    10) Adidas. Mainly because I don’t understand the appeal of Chucks and Adidas remind me when I was younger and all the kids used to say it stood for “All day I dream about sex.” It’s still the only way I can spell the word….
    11) I would be singing Lady Gaga’s “Teeth” song. Or perhaps Christmas music. Tis the season! (O Holy Night is my favorite btw)
    12) I don’t think any guy jokes about stripping.
    13) I would say manual, but I have no clue how to drive one. I fear I would drop the transmission within moving a few feet of driving. So, automatic it is!
    14) Paper. I don’t understand how people can do the whole Kindle thing. I like the smell of books and being able to say, “That was a real page turner!” when I give rave reviews.
    15) TV in the bedroom? Hmm… personally I don’t have one in my room, but I suppose I’m not opposed to it either. Maybe one that disguises as art if there needed to be one in there.
    16) Your undergarments: always fancy that match, unless at home- then maybe nothing.
    17) Pride & Prejudice
    18) Someone with an accent. Not that I have one, but accents are hot. So Movie Self would have one. British to be specific.
    19) my little black dress that makes me feel all pretty, but on regular days- yoga pants
    20) yellow lab puppy. Because I can’t resist them :)
    BONUS Q: Have you read my novella? No, but I should!

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