New blog layout!

Thanks to the lovely and talented Sharnee from, I have a new design.

Oh, click over from bloglines and google reader, you lazy shits.

I LOVE it.

And I did not make it easy on Sharnee.

This is how things went down…

I want a new design for my site.

Sharnee: That’s what I do.

Peter: The green… displeases me. *dismissive hand wave*

Sharnee: What do you have in mind?

Peter: More… black and white-ish.

Sharnee: OK. And?

Peter: Where do you think butterflies go in the rain?

Sharnee: I’m not sure…

Peter: And the main font… I want it to suck less.

Sharnee: Can you be more specific?

Peter: *considers* No.

Sharnee: OK…

Peter: And I want hula girls!

Sharnee: You want hula girls on your blog template?

Peter: Blog template?

Sharnee: Seriously, any more details you could give me would really help me out and —

Peter: I was at the crib, sittin’ by the fireplace, drinkin’ cocoa on the bear skin rug. The door bell rang. “Who could it be?” Thought to myself, then started to shrug.

Sharnee: Uhm… I am just going to toy with it for a bit. I’ll e-mail you some ideas.

Peter: The government!!

And she still created exactly what I was looking for!

0 thoughts on “New blog layout!

  1. hahaha! loving the new layout. especially the hula girls, what blog is complete without them? shit i gotta get to work on that…

  2. Too bad for me that I didn’t visit enough before now to fully appreciate the change in atmosphere, but I like what it is now! Does that count?

  3. We’re the lazy shits? And who had someone else redo their site? Mmmhmmm..that’s what I thought!

    I do love it by the way. And totally heart the hula girls. Well done, Sharnee! Well done!

  4. Yeah, but she lost control I wouln’t take the bait.
    I said chill baby baby chill baby baby wait
    My girl bust in, Caught us creating a boom
    She said “Girlfriend”?
    Things that make you go hmm

    And I totally did that to KLC when she did my masthead. “I want my dog. And pretty font”

  5. this is why designers get so frusterated!?

    ” i want the font to suck less
    can you be more specific?

    LOL – this is my life!

  6. will you get very bored if every comment i leave you goes something like this?


    i can’t help it. you’re funny.

    and also…LOVE the hula girls.

  7. This is so YOU, Pete, i’m loving it. Sharnee is the best and soooo patient, bless her cotton socks.

    Really diggin the hula girls.

  8. I leave you for a few days and I come back and it’s all CHANGED and DIFFERENT and I’m all OMIGOD I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH.

    But I lurve. You and the new layout. Both. (I’m such a lazy shit and I totally wasn’t going to click over from Google Reader until you told me to.)

  9. With those helpful hints, how could she not?!
    At some point, if we were hanging out together, I think I’d just have to flat out slap you.
    But in a friendly way. :) Haha
    You are hilarious!

  10. Just when I thought my layout couldn’t get any lamer…

    Perhaps I will match your Hula Girls – you think little Magnum P.I.’s would have the same je ne sais quoi? Yeah, me neither. Dammit!

  11. I’ve developed a certain affection for this new layout. At first I was all…”what are you doing, quit messing about” and then I was all like “Hmmmmmm…” but now I’m all like “it’s black, it’s white, it’s fab”.

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