New blog layout!

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  1. Miriam says:

    I quite enjoy the Hula Girls. They ad an ambiance that was previously lacking :)

  2. Peter says:

    I know, right? I love them. I already feel much more at home with this new deign.

    Whether or not that yields better posts…

  3. sharnee says:

    Hahahahaha! That was the funniest thing I’ve read in ages.

    You rock.
    I’m glad you like the design!

  4. fear.of.landing says:

    You had me at the C and C Music Factory reference! What’s not to love about 90’s hip-hop?

  5. Becky says:

    Yay for Hula girls!

  6. molly says:

    Very nice. I’m digging the hula girls.

  7. each of the two says:

    oooh next time get her to make a hula GIF so she actually moves!

  8. CamiKaos says:

    it looks great

  9. blogging says:

    you, crack me up.

    like the new design, but love the hula girl. i think snowman and bandit would agree.

  10. lfar says:

    Wow, nice template! S/he is GOOD! Aaand I’m browsing her site now

  11. Ashley says:

    hahaha! loving the new layout. especially the hula girls, what blog is complete without them? shit i gotta get to work on that…

  12. ~**Dawn**~ says:

    Too bad for me that I didn’t visit enough before now to fully appreciate the change in atmosphere, but I like what it is now! Does that count?

  13. QueenBee says:

    We’re the lazy shits? And who had someone else redo their site? Mmmhmmm..that’s what I thought!

    I do love it by the way. And totally heart the hula girls. Well done, Sharnee! Well done!

  14. cdp says:

    hee hee hee

    oh, sorry. don’t mind me, I’m still laughing about the butt toast.

  15. Cait says:

    Yeah, but she lost control I wouln’t take the bait.
    I said chill baby baby chill baby baby wait
    My girl bust in, Caught us creating a boom
    She said “Girlfriend”?
    Things that make you go hmm

    And I totally did that to KLC when she did my masthead. “I want my dog. And pretty font”

  16. Airam says:

    And you got your hula girls!

  17. Michelle and the City says:

    this is why designers get so frusterated!?

    ” i want the font to suck less
    can you be more specific?

    LOL – this is my life!

  18. mcgee says:

    will you get very bored if every comment i leave you goes something like this?


    i can’t help it. you’re funny.

    and also…LOVE the hula girls.

  19. Princess Extraordinaire says:

    Marry her…

  20. Eve says:

    Nice hula girls!

  21. Steph says:

    This is so YOU, Pete, i’m loving it. Sharnee is the best and soooo patient, bless her cotton socks.

    Really diggin the hula girls.

  22. Clink says:

    I leave you for a few days and I come back and it’s all CHANGED and DIFFERENT and I’m all OMIGOD I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH.

    But I lurve. You and the new layout. Both. (I’m such a lazy shit and I totally wasn’t going to click over from Google Reader until you told me to.)

  23. sybil law says:

    With those helpful hints, how could she not?!
    At some point, if we were hanging out together, I think I’d just have to flat out slap you.
    But in a friendly way. :) Haha
    You are hilarious!

  24. Airam says:

    Dude … I think my comp is fucked because your entire posts are pushed down. WTF?

  25. Paige Jennifer says:

    Just when I thought my layout couldn’t get any lamer…

    Perhaps I will match your Hula Girls – you think little Magnum P.I.’s would have the same je ne sais quoi? Yeah, me neither. Dammit!

  26. libby says:

    verrry nice! i like it a lot!!

  27. Erika says:

    I’ve developed a certain affection for this new layout. At first I was all…”what are you doing, quit messing about” and then I was all like “Hmmmmmm…” but now I’m all like “it’s black, it’s white, it’s fab”.

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