my word doodles

my word doodles
is like they are all the same
and ever so wussy
but i am not wussy
i am ever so manly
chest hair!
and yet
wussy words
beget wussy words
i am saying “wussy”
a lot
and “beget” may not be a word
sarah palin scares me
and not in a fun
gina gershon
line breaks are my
mccain is too
some times
i like rhymes
ain’t no crimes
but, some times i don’t

0 thoughts on “my word doodles

  1. Peter! Your word doodles do NOT suck!

    (And, hee hee, the 2nd and 3rd lines say “suck it”!)

    Having feelings and expressing those feelings (well, I might add) is not wussy. You want what you want… and you just write about that wanting better than most.

    These lines:

    i am ever so manly
    chest hair!

    just made me snort quiche through my nose, so thank you for that! ;)

    “Beget” is totally a word. And you are a wonderful doodler– don’t ever quit!

    (I picture you rapping the last lines like Eminem [I love Eminem!] and then just throwing down the mic on the last word and walking offstage. See? Hardcore! That’s manly, baby.)

    Chest hair! (*snort*)

  2. tee-hee…yh, my favourite lines are: “I am ever so manly, chest hair!” …you´re right…that´s the most important hint of masculinity..remember Austin Powers? :P..xoxo

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