my word doodles

my word doodles
is like they are all the same
and ever so wussy
but i am not wussy
i am ever so manly
chest hair!
and yet
wussy words
beget wussy words
i am saying “wussy”
a lot
and “beget” may not be a word
sarah palin scares me
and not in a fun
gina gershon
line breaks are my
mccain is too
some times
i like rhymes
ain’t no crimes
but, some times i don’t

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  1. JenBun says:

    Peter! Your word doodles do NOT suck!

    (And, hee hee, the 2nd and 3rd lines say “suck it”!)

    Having feelings and expressing those feelings (well, I might add) is not wussy. You want what you want… and you just write about that wanting better than most.

    These lines:

    i am ever so manly
    chest hair!

    just made me snort quiche through my nose, so thank you for that! ;)

    “Beget” is totally a word. And you are a wonderful doodler– don’t ever quit!

    (I picture you rapping the last lines like Eminem [I love Eminem!] and then just throwing down the mic on the last word and walking offstage. See? Hardcore! That’s manly, baby.)

    Chest hair! (*snort*)

  2. mindy says:

    Sarah Palin is terrifying, and you’re right – not in a sexy way at all. AT ALL.

  3. AnTo says:

    tee-hee…yh, my favourite lines are: “I am ever so manly, chest hair!” …you´re right…that´s the most important hint of masculinity..remember Austin Powers? :P..xoxo

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