my weekend in sound bites

Peter: Are you Uncle Pete’s girl this visit?

ACN: *shakes her head no*

Peter: Are you [grand mother]’s girl?

ACN: Yeeeaaah.

Peter: Nooooo.

ACN: *giggles*

Peter: Are you mad because I missed talking to you a couple of nights last week?

ACN: Yeah!  *giggles*

Peter: But I called you every night, you were just running the roads with mommy and daddy!!

ACN: *louder giggles*

Peter: Are you sending me back to the unc store?

ACN: YEAH!  *much laughing*


Peter: I’m taking off.  Where’s my thank you, pain in the ass.

Monkey: Thank you, pain in the ass.


My aunt: Your anniversary is tomorrow?  How long have you been married?

My mom: Forty… fucking… years…


My mom: Where did all the chairs come from?

Peter: Trees.

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