0 thoughts on “My voice. Ooooooooooooh.

  1. It didn’t do a damn thing for me. Not meaning I heard your voice and it didn’t turn me on, it just literally didn’t do anything. How do I get it to play?

  2. Delurking to tell you that you sound like you from Boston.

    A friend of mine is from the south end and has a major boston accent. You sound just like him. Strange, no?

  3. 1. You are NOT the boss of me.

    2. You are SO Canadian sounding.

    3. I might do this and put on a really super duper thick Minnesooooota accent. Stay posted!

  4. camikaos: Absolutely.

    zendenizen: Mine has a play button. Not sure what the issue is for you. Maybe it needed to load fully?

    miaelizabeth: Boston? Really? Thanks for delurking!

    mindy: Fake accents are cheating!

    captain: Your comment cracked me up. I also dunno why.

  5. First I thought you sounded like you would if you calling in to a radio show. And then, I thought your voice sounded cute. Not at all like I’d imagined. I guess since I think you look like Stephen Colbert, that you would sound like him to. And uh…not so much.

  6. I wish you had said sorry…I wanted to hear how you said sorry. Only then could I determine if you have a Canadian accent.

    You sounded kind of like a stand-up comedian.

  7. sharnee: Thanks! I didn’t listen to it until after I posted it here. That “oooh” made me laugh too.

    storyofagirl: All I’m going to take away from that is “your voice sounded cute.”

    srah: You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing a towel.

    tia: Mwahahahahahaha etc.!

    susie: I’ll let my “sorry” remain a mystery. Is the stand-up comedian thing a good or bad thing?

    stephanie: Thanks! I wish I could say that I dropped the “eh” in there on purpose. Nope. Surely you don’t mean my “poetry?”

    airam: Bossy!

    al&af: Moooooooooooooooost definitely.

  8. Not working for me either and I also hit the play button. Good thing I know what a Canadian accent sound like. Oh, but the Nova Scotia thing trumps the Canadian accent.

  9. You are utterz-ly adorable! =)

    You know, in a masculine kind of way.

    I have lost my voice due to the flu and am currently applying green tea with honey. When it returns, I shall perhaps consider a recording. You are the boss!

  10. strange, you sound not at ALL what i thought.
    yours is maybe a deeper voice than i had envisioned?

    im very perplexed, will listen again…

  11. egan: So,weird that it isn’t working for some people. Are you a dirty Mac user?

    jenbun: I really am the boss. More people should realize that.

    each: I am nothing if not perplexing. Or something.

    mood indigo: You better be laughing WITH me.

    niki: I’ll see what I can come up with.

    sidewaysrain: Fiiiiiine. You are somewhat responsible for me finding utterz. Awesomeness and gorgeousness? You always ignore mine!

  12. ok that just made reading your posts SO much more fun.

    seriously. and from one canadian to another…i don’t get why we apparently have these ‘accents’. i mean, who even SAYS ‘shore’ or ‘aboot’??…i have yet to mean a fellow countryman who does!

  13. You sound exactly like I thought you would. Is that weird?

    And you know I was once that annoying girl you mention. Except my boyfriend was German.

    And I completely said “Teehee” after each word he said.

    Will you still talk to me now that you know I’m that girl?

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