my promises to you, future wife

Hi, love.

Here’s a secret about me:

If anyone, at any time, posts a link on Twitter that they describe as some version of “this is the most adorable thing EVER,” I’m gonna click it.


It’s pretty much the same effect that “Teri Hatcher topless!” had in the mid-90s.

Someone posted an “adorable” link the other night, so I dutifully followed it.

I was led to a wedding announcement from two people I’ve never heard of.

I don’t know if it was adorable, but it was prrretty cute.

It was an announcement/save the date kinda deal, where each of them made promises to the other.

I don’t really remember what any of them were, but they were a mixture of sweet and personal that definitely would have meant more to the two of them than to any of us randomly reading online.

And rightfully so.

It made me think about you though. As many things do.

So, with quite possibly a little further ado, here are the things I promise to do for you, yo.

(FYI: This is an incomplete list, and I’m always open to suggestions.)

Peter’s promises:

– I promise to never, ever make you wonder how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.

– I promise to remember. Everything. Big or small. Good or bad.

– I promise to be a world-class enabler most of the time, but with the ability to be a good helper monkey when you want to be reminded to make the smart, healthy choices/purchases/etc.

– I promise to always fill your water glass for you.

– I promise to make your butt prove it if you claim something like… to be able to sing the “rap” part in Backstreet Boys’ “Get Down.”

– I promise to never go to sleep when either of us is mad.

– I also promise to never go to sleep without making sure you KNOW how much you’re loved.

– I promise to learn how to sleep without a TV being on. Gradually.

– I promise to always squeeze your bum. A lot. No. A LOT.

– I promise creativity. I promise music. I promise laughs. I promise whatever you need, whenever you need it.

– I promise to never stop being a giant dork.

– I promise to have your back. Always. You’ll never have to go to war without me. (Even if “war” is a discussion about the chick you work with who bought the exact same cute little flats that you’ve been searching for, like, forever. The whore.)

– I promise to always make sure your feet are warm enough.

– I promise to surprise you with meals prepared (or purchased) for you. And to clean up the dishes afterwards.

– I promise to never hold back with hugs. Even during fights. Good times or bad. Always hugs.

– I promise to never keep in a compliment. To never discuss with insults. And to apologize if I’m not always perfect in those pursuits.

– I promise to always appreciate the things you do. And, equally importantly, I promise to always tell you.

– I promise to try. Hard. Forever.

– I promise that your happiness — long-term and in the moment — will always be a priority to me.

– And I promise to always, always make sure that my voice is louder than the negative voices in your head.




photo credit: Anirudh Koul via photopin cc

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