my pet stray cat is kinda skittish

Maybe I should explain.

I dig cats. All cool and aloof and they lick their front paws and wash their faces. I think we can all agree that is pretty friggin’ cute.

But I am allergic to cats.


So I adopted one of the local stray cats, even though he doesn’t know it.

I’ve named him Earl. Because he is grey. Earl Grey. Get it? I considered Jennifer Grey, but she had unnecessary plastic surgery on her nose and I just don’t like that. Baby belongs in the corner.

Now Earl is kinda skinny.

Maybe it is a lifestyle choice. Maybe he no longer eats fattening foods and it is the best he’s felt in all of his nine lives and who the hell am I to judge?

But he is currently under the neighbours’ bushes eating bugs or worms or something, soooooooooo.

A little while ago, I found a (just about) questionable piece of chicken in the fridge and decided that he might enjoy it. So I leaned out the backdoor, got his attention, and tossed it towards him.

Earl straight up bolted in the other direction.

I mean, it is kind of understandable, as it is widely known that I have an arm like Jay Cutler. (Except that Jay Cutler would have missed Earl and put it right between the numbers of a seagull passing by.)

But, dude, I have fried chicken for you!

As I type this, I keep taking breaks to sneak over to the window and see if Earl is munching.


He’s out there now, eating it!!!


I wonder what else I have in the fridge.

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