My Ex ANSWERS – Part 2!

Jen was kind enough to answer a few more questions!


if you could imagine the perfect woman for peter, what would she be like?

The perfect woman for Peter has to possess the following qualities:

– cute with a nice smile especially while saying the mean things Peter will inevitably provoke
– smart
– must be a nice girl, like kids
– would be beneficial to like sports or at least know something about them
– must be able to fall asleep with the tv on
– must have a lot of patience. a lot. of patience.
– must be able to curse but don’t overdo it
– must be able to take a joke – if not, this person would be destroyed in ten seconds by the family
– demon in the sack (not really)
– must have a lot of patience. seriously.

[ Peter note: Patience twice?  Really?]

what is the most daring food you’ve ever seen him eat?

A lovely tomato quiche. Lovingly made by me. All but spat out by Peter. I am an excellent cook. If you ask him if he likes quiche he will look at you in disbelief and say “Egg pie?” Which reminds me that I wish I had written because this is kind of like dating Peter.

[Peter note:  Hee hee hee  Jen did not like the “egg pie” comment. Or my backseat cooking.]

I tried to get him to make risotto and he acted like I was crazy.


What is the most romantic thing Peter ever did for you?

Diamond earrings were nice, but I’d have to say it is a tie between holding me until I fell asleep every night (as per my demand, um, request), getting me water every single time I asked, and sending me a care package full of soup and juice and cookies when I was sick in bed for two weeks and had no food in the house.


Please define and/or describe a “Pete chick.”

Jazz already asked that but I’ll elaborate.  Regardless, you’ll still need me to tell you as things come up.

Long-haired brunette/ash blonde with a big smile and wide eyes, not too skinny, looks like she doesn’t mind dogs getting hair on her outfit.

9 thoughts on “My Ex ANSWERS – Part 2!

  1. LMAO. That response was hilarious man. Okay, so my question to Jen is how long does it take Peter to write? I hope it takes him a long time. Because I have this sneaking suspicion that it doesn’t. And…well…that’s not cool or fair. So feel free to lie about it to make me feel better.

  2. Yup, I’m still loving these posts and Jen for delving in the world of Peter and sharing some stories. Quiche is delicious and it saddens me that Peter can’t recognize it’s awesomeness. Although, from your comment on romantic gestures, it sounds Peter has done some pretty swell stuff, so I guess it evens out the quiche issue.

    For now.

  3. Point of clarification. I meant how long does it take typically take him to write his various projects. Novel, children’s book, etc.,

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