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Something weird has happened with my blog lately.

More people have started reading it.

I know! I’m as surprised as you.

In the past couple of weeks the traffic has doubled. It has gone from “not much” to “yeah, still not much, but definitely more.” (Those are scientific blog tracking terms, don’t concern yourself.)

I have no idea why this happened (or if it will last.)

I don’t feel like I’ve changed anything.

I don’t think that I am being linked in more places.

Just one of those things, I guess.

When I first started blogging, I assumed that I would be embraced by tens of thousands. That people would start offering me money, book deals, nude photos and marriage proposals. And that it would be GLORIOUS!!!!

OK. That’s not actually true.

Well, not entirely…

I just wanted a place to practice writing without censoring myself, and to quiet the voices in my head. And if I somehow managed to find a small group of loyal blog friends, that would be awesome.

And the plan has worked out amazingly well.

So many of you leave kickass comments. I actually feel guilty that I am not a better commenter. A big reason is that I read many of you inside bloglines.

A bigger reason is that I am very lazy and easily distracted.

But, don’t think that I don’t appreciate you!

All of you.

I love my little blog.

Sometimes too much…

In a dream the other night I uttered the phrase, “Yeah, I think we’ve all been cock-punched by love at one time or another.” And INSIDE THE DREAM thought, “Wow. I should blog about that.”

Man, I hope I am not the only one that stuff like that happens to.

At one point, I did wonder what I could do to increase traffic. However, I kind of settled into not having a huge following. I embraced it.

My blog started feeling like one of those endearing little dive bars to me.

Not the super sketchy kind. But, the type where you can bring a gorgeous blond socialite type and teach her how to play pool while Ozzy Osbourne plays on the jukebox. (Hopefully only Clink knows what I am talking about.)

Hmmm. If my blog IS said dive bar, I am not sure if that makes me the sage bartender, dispensing charming small town advice. Or the drunk regular telling the same stories over and over.

Maybe the bastard spawn of their forbidden late night love.

Wow. This one is clearly getting away from me.

Because of the new traffic, I have decided that my site needs a major face lift. I have to get rid of the prison cafeteria tray green colour scheme.

I have a few ideas. Nothing for sure. I might even ditch blogger.

Any freakishly skilled web designers out there?

So, in conclusion…

Thanks for coming out. I really appreciate it.

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  1. That happened to my blog, too. Nothing changes but eventually you reach a critical mass of links on other people’s blogrolls or something and then more people start visiting. It’s kind of amazing to see.

  2. I took time out of my busy schedule of mothering blogging and drinking cherry coke to comment on your other post today…. and now I feel compelled to comment on this one as well to suggest that Burt’s Stache and all the cross traffic from the other bloggers there are what has caused the upsurge here at your cozy little dive bar. That’s where I came from…

  3. Those endearing little dive bars are my favourite (ya ya spell check, I know you’re American, but quite frankly – you can just stuff it, that “u” is there to stay!)

    Also, this (“Yeah, I think we’ve all been cock-punched by love at one time or another.”) is genius: I hope to read it in some dictionary of quotes one day, or maybe a woody allen movie


  4. jess: It really is amazing. And fun.

    camikaos: The ‘Stache, eh? So, I am sort of responsible for it after all.

    esse: Americans?? I’m Canadian. I put U’s EVERYWHERE! And thanks. Though Woody Allen better not steal my shit.

  5. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the dive bar and the gorgeous blonde socialite. EXACTLY. And don’t you totally LOVE it!? In a not-weird sort of way?

  6. “Prision cafeteria tray green”? I’d say it’s more “1980’s institutional cinder block paint grey”. But hey, who’s really keeping track?

    Ditch the Blogger, dude. Seriously. Blogger (and LiveJournal) seriously blows when it comes to comments… it’s just so… 2002. Honestly, take a look at WordPress or try your hand at one of the other DIY blogs out there.

    My theory on your increased traffic? Single women. Think about it – you blog about equally your weaknesses and your family, and once in a while you ramble on about sports. The latter, to be expected, but the first two? Pure heart of gold, baby – diamond in the rough. You’re just a Dad waiting to get married and have kids that you can raise and love. At least, that’s how things look on this end… and I’m guessing that’s how it might look to a bunch of your readers of the female persuasion.

  7. okay it MIGHT be because word of mouth or something, but also I was told that google did something with their searches… so blogger blogs appear higher? Do you use Google Analytics? It can tell you if people are coming by referral or by search engine, or by typing it in the address bar directly. Another reason could be that the people who link to you are getting higher traffic?

    Okay lets face it, its probably because you’re on an email chain that says “if you don’t click here and then send this email to 500 people you will die tomorrow”. Be honest- you started that email chain, didn’t you?

  8. THAT must be why I subconsciously love your blog so much… it reminds me of my prison time (which I loved)! Oh, and I dig your blog consciously, too. :)

  9. Peter! I apologize – I wasn’t telling YOU to stuff it, I was calling spell check American, and telling IT to stuff it. Yes, that means I segued out of commenting to you, into brackets where I talk to my computer’s features. I’m not sure if this is something you are going to have to get used to.


  10. i think its the ACN and Monkey stories that keep me coming back, plus the fact that you seem to be one of the handful of decent men out there. thanks for sharing with us!

  11. I recently found your site through one of my contact’s MyBlogLog pages. Congrats on the traffic increase. (I’d like to think in some small way I contributed to it. :))

    I like the green, by the way.

    I’ve been blogging for a couple years, and my traffic’s up and down — I think that’s pretty normal. I hope that’s pretty normal. I changed hosts and took a hit, but nothing too drastic. Not as much as I expected anyway. If you want to move up to WordPress, it’s a good program (a bit bloated for my needs, but I can see why everyone raves about it).

  12. I found you via Mindy, and fell in love at first read (i.e. linked you immediately). I think EVERYone should read you…

  13. Serena van der Woodsen would approve of your blog, I think.

    (Oops, did I just out that that little dive-bar-pool reference was GOSSIP GIRL? My bad.)

  14. stephanie: I have an odd fascination with it. I didn’t know what to make of it at first, but now I am hooked.

    mim: I am going to look into it. I have to find something that will allow me to EASILY move my archives over.

    andrew: Your theory WOULD explain the fact that commenters are largely female these days. I am going to research some of my favourite blogs (as far as aesthetics and ease of use) this weekend.

    lisa: Crap. Now if I leave blogger, I’ll lose my google ranking when it comes to crazy random searches?

    niki: Ha! You’d get passed around prison like a bag of chips.

    esse: Fiiiiiine. I forgive you. This time.

    losingit: Awww. Thanks so much.

    kathy: Another wordpress person, eh?

    princess: But, how could we enforce that? No, really, I’m asking.

    clink: Ha! I wish that was the most embarrassing revelation on this blog.

    jamelah: I soooo had commenter’s remorse on that one.

  15. Did you just “out” me?! Is nothing sacred in this world?!
    I’m not even sure how I started reading you.
    I just know that I looove reading your junk.

  16. I’m looking forward to the revamp.

    I’ve thought about some house keeping on my little spot, but I’m just to damn lazy/busy/content with boring black.

    Perhaps you should first pick a colour? :-)

  17. I did dream a short story last week. An entire short story. I even tried writing it down. We’ll see if that happens. It works better for songs than stories, because they’re shorter.

  18. I’m new to your site, and I love your writing. It’s funny, witty, intelligent, and sophomoric. I wouldn’t change a thing if I were you.

    Except move to WordPress.

    And what exactly does ACN stand for? Anti-Christ Niece?

  19. sybil: Thanks! I am always intrigued about how people first found me, or how I found them.

    stormin’: I am leaning towards white. How lazy is that?

    lisa: Comments too? Interesting!

    kofi: That is awesome! I hope that I start dreaming full blog posts.

    mindy: Yes. Fair and accurate.

    twobyfour: ACK!! ACN = adorably cute niece. And thanks for the nice words.

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