More guest posting?


Amanda approached me last week about doing a post on her blog (  She feared that her blog was becoming a bit man-hatey and, to prove that it isn’t, she wanted to invite some male bloggers to do some guest posting.

And what has two thumbs and a penis?

THIS guy!

(That doesn’t work as well typed out, does it?)

Anyway I said “Yes.”

She was extremely happy.  She may have danced a little.  Shed a tear.

Then she found a few jokers to fill out the week.

She only gave me one instruction.  She wanted it to be about “the nice guy.”

And, since I hate people telling me what to do, I completely blanked on it for days.

I… don’t like rules.

But eventually I had an idea.  I wanted to make it about my vision of a real “nice guy.”

And since I am Little Charlie Worddoodle lately, I went with one of those.

Go.  Read.

(And you should comment over there so it looks like I’m popular.)