More about me and bossy little chicks…

Taking a 30 second break from feeding The ACN some yogurt, I tried to reply to an e-mail. She did not like this idea.


So, I resumed my duties. But, I was curious.

“Munchkinpants, when the ladies at school make you wait for a minute, do you yell at them?”

She shook her head “No.”

“But, it’s OK to yell at Unc?”

In the sweetest little voice she said, “Yeeeeah” and smiled the cutest little smile.

Besides, how could you ever get mad at someone who wears these?!?!

My camera on my phone sucks, but these are tiny little black and pink suede Pumas! I could probably fit 6 of these in one of mine!

0 thoughts on “More about me and bossy little chicks…

  1. OK, those shoes are the cutest freaking things I’ve ever seen… I mean, I have the “big girl” version, but those are just so tiny and perfect!

    Your niece rocks! Shame on you for making her wait for her yogurt. :)

  2. I know the ACN isn’t a baby, but this seemed like an appropriate time say that I LOVE BABY SHOES. Like… I kind of freak out over them in stores. They’re just so stinkin’ cute!

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