Monkey business

The Monkey was getting ready for her Xmas concert and needed help with her tie.

Me: Cute outfit. Have you given any thought to, I don’t know, maybe brushing your hair?

Monkey: My mom asked if I was going to. I told her to get me a brush. She didn’t. She’s kind of clueless.

A little while later, she did some unladylike outfit adjusting.

Peter’s Dad: That’s not a very… good move to be doing.

Monkey: I know! But, my tights are right down to here. (Points) Just a little above the bottom of my skirt. They are too small. I told my mom, “I can go with neutral.” She said, “No, your shoes are black.” AND she told me to go get my flats. And I said, “My what?” They have a heel on them this (shows us) big. I’m not the brightest light bulb in the package, but I know they aren’t flats.”

22 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. she is just adorable. although her outfit reminds me of britney spears first music video. at least she was “innocent” back then. lol

  2. Dear god, that is one cute child.

    And I hate to disagree with her, but I actually do think she’s the brightest light bulb in the package.

    Also – is that pie I see? MULTIPLE pies? How many times do I have to ask your family to adopt me before they take me seriously.

  3. it’s good to have a lady around who knows what’s going on. saves everyone else the trouble…
    i have to admit, i’m a little jealous that you’re so close to your nieces. makes me miss mine with a wicked fierceness.

  4. michelle: Now you are scaring me.

    clink: 5 pies! I’ll get to work on making a Clink Xmas stocking.

    queenbee: They smelled very yummy too.

    lspoon: I wore tights once. In a school play. While I made them work, of course, I am in no rush to try them on again. You know, in public.

    tia: You are soooo right. I frequently get the, “You don’t know that styyyyyle now, Peter.”

    airam: That hair has a name?

    jaime lovely: Thanks!

    slightly disorganized: I asked her if she was going to tuck the tie in between the two shirts. She just stared at me. Then showed me that it was actually ONE shirt all sewed together. Then she gave me the look that said I knew nothing about fashion.

    kelsi: This is one is technically my twerp cousin. She lives across the street, so I see her all the time.

    mel: The glasses are pretty cool, eh?

    susie: I made the pies. (No, I didn’t.) And I’d look great in an apron. (No, I really would.) Yes, yes I know about the Pats. And your Celtics pounded my Raptors. I can envision a winter of me replying to your sports comments with GRRRRRRRs.

    hope: She’s TOO bright sometimes. But, highly entertaining.

  5. she is so adorably chic, i want to adopt her and a meat pie!

    or just you know, send her a cosmo subscription!
    (you could read it too, dont be shy)

    oh, and tell her to save that outfit, by the time she hits 20 it will be VERY popular once again with the boys)

    (look, i say 20 because thats the youngest i can possibly fathom anyone dating my proverbial daughters, without a death wish)

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