Monkey B-day

You know you are blog blocked when you catch yourself thinking, “Getting a girlfriend would really provide some blog fodder.”  (When you catch yourself thinking, “4 inch heels would really make my calves POP!” it indicates something else entirely.)

I can’t believe it, but The Monkey turns 12 tomorrow!  She got her hair cut short on the weekend.  Shortest it’s been since she was two or so.  I heard about it Sunday afternoon and took a break from my busy schedule (read: being curled up on my bed watching Knocked Up) to go see it in person.

And she did not get off the phone the entire time I was there.

She did perform a little twirl and pose for me, while never taking a break from the important business that is discussing 6th grade gossip.

For you newcomers, The Monkey is my little cousin.  And here are some of her adventures:

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Today I am listening to:

Red Light Company – “Meccano”

0 thoughts on “Monkey B-day

  1. Happy birthday to the Monkey.

    When I was round about that age my mom decided to chop off most of my hair. I was 12 with no boobs. People thought I was a boy. There are no words to describe how traumatising that was.

  2. Happy birthday to the monkey!!

    I know what you mean about blog fodder… I clearly was running quite low. But I don’t like to blog about relationships too much so having a boy doesn’t even do much for my content. Boo.

    • Hmmm. Actually I haven’t really blogged much about relationships, so it wouldn’t change much for me either. (Though I might sneak some truth into word doodles.)

  3. Aww I hope she has a good birthday. As for grade six gossip, it’s insane. I was in a grade six class room last week and you wouldn’t believe the stuff that goes on. Note passing and boy talk. Oh and don’t even get me started on sleepovers and crushes.

  4. I bet your fake girlfriend would LOVE being the source of your blog fodder too. I find that’s the case w/Paco….(Maybe not).

  5. Happy Birthday, Monkey. :o)

    And Peter, I’m sure you could imagine a pretty awesome blog-fodder girlfriend. I promise, none of us will point and make rude comments…

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