everything i write
i feel like
it is all
fading echoes
of what i’ve
said before
one movie
about a dead bernie
was enough
this is
going to sound
girly —
careless whisper
is one of my
favourite songs
so who am i fooling —
but i want
to put my head
on your lap
and watch
almost famous
while you play
with my hair
i’ll sleepily rant
about how
every actor
had their best ever
performance in it
i’ll smile like
a fool
when my
favourite lines
are coming up
and i’ll ooooh
and tell you
that song
is perfect for
that scene
you’ll be all
dude i’m watching too
and i’ll be all
less talk
more hair playing
just for today
tomorrow i’ll
go back to
slaying your dragons
and keeping the world
at bay
for you
promise promise
though you
should know
i’m going to
sing along with
the tiny dancer scene

12 thoughts on “meh

  1. Almost Famous? Kate Hudson? Haven’t watched it …

    Also fav Wham song is Wake me up before you go. I also had a huge crush on George M back in the 80s.

  2. Hi…one the first times I’ve checked out your site. I am normally a creeper and don’t announce myself on blogs but this made me think of something.

    You know that smile-so-hard-you-get-a-knot-in-your-throat feeling that singing along with certain songs while driving in cars can give you? When Russell is singing along and does that thing where he kind of bobs his knees up and down with his hands on this thighs and looks like he’s struggling a bit to sing and smile and breath all at once–this is the only time I’ve ever seen that feeling captured on film.

    That might be a little different than how it happens, but that’s what I remember.

  3. ann – i refer to that as a “music orgasm” which is about what it sounds like…having so much happiness and positive energy contained in your body that you feel like you need to cry, or explode, or scream because it’s almost PAINFUL to keep it inside.

    sorry, i’m not quite the writer that peter is, but that’s the best way i can put it. i’ve had maybe a dozen of these moments in my lifetime, but i can never quite put them into the perfect words to convey the feeling.

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