Little twerp also likes Beyonce

My sister and her hubby had to work, so I spent the weekend with the cutest little valentine ever.

– After the way she enjoyed my video camera last weekend, I was sure that she’d want to make more little movies. Which would give me something to blog.  Clearly she sensed my plan.  Early on in the visit, she was doing something cute.  Of course.  So, I went to grab my camera and asked her if she wanted to make a movie.  She shook her head.  I asked if she was going to want to make any movies at all on this visit.  She shook her head and started giggling.

– ACN rarely likes going to bed when she visiting (at least not in her own bed).  Especially when her mommy and daddy aren’t here.  So, Sunday night, I thought I was wasting my time when I told her that “You are visiting Uncle Pete, but it is still a school night.”  She agreed.  And then she let me pick out her jammies for her.  And then she let me put them on her.  I offered a pre-bed cuddle.  She shook her head.  I asked if she wanted to go straight to bed.  She said “Yeah.”  So, I put her in her bed.

And I spent the next two hours waiting for her to yell to me that she was just kidding.

– ACN and her mommy called to let me know that they had gotten home. While I was chatting with the little twerp on their speaker phone, Flo Rida’s “Low” came on their iTunes. This song always makes her throw her hands up and squeal.  Her mommy asked if they should crank it up for uncle Pete.


So they did.  And ACN squealed with delight.

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