Little chick changes her name a lot…

The ACN has decided that her new name is “Snowflake.”

She played one in her Xmas concert this week and now wants everyone to call her that.

8 thoughts on “Little chick changes her name a lot…

  1. Awww, what a cute little Snowflake!

    I am going to see my version of the Adorably Cute Niece in her very FIRST holiday performance tonight… can’t wait!!! :)

    I think she is playing a star, so we’ll have to call her that.

  2. jenny: Is she officially “Star” now?

    lspoon: Ha! I would but there is every possibility that she’d change it to Butterfly at some point.

    wendy: Ha! True.

    Hope: She might be willing to share the name. She’s nice like that. Except to me. Me she’d torture.

    tia: Such a good point!

    steph: Waaaaaay ahead of you. :P

    susie: You raise a valid point. Though by summer she may want to be called Princess Consuela Von CutiePants.

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