1) My sports addiction may have reached new levels. I am giving serious thought to joining an Argentinian soccer/football fantasy league. I’m not kidding. I’m a little scared. Hold me.

2) SO blog blocked. I’ve written three posts in the past two days and they all sucked and were stuck in the draft folder. Bleeeeech.

3) Obama!

4) Tina Fey (and, by extension, 30 Rock) is about 40% as funny as people think she is. What? Humour is subjective? No. No it’s not.

5) Why is Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet” stuck in my head?

6) [You can write #6. Tell me something.]

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  1. Surrender to the Argentinians. It’ll give you new things to blog about.

    Also, if we write #6, wouldn’t it be cheating a little?

  2. Tried to comment on the last post (which came through my reader) but couldn’t ’cause it was “not found” or what have you.

    Silly internets. Grr.

  3. Little known fact about Clink: she actually sang Romeo and Juliet in the London flat of one of the members of Dire Straits with his daughter.

    I was so much cooler in London.

  4. I’ve been recently obsessed with Dire Straight’s “Sultans of Swing”! glad to hear I’m not the only one with a Dire Straights song stuck in my head. I’m not quite sure what this signifies though….

  5. Let’s get something straight – Tina Fey AND 30 Rock are f-ing awesome. Though nowhere near as funny as that renowned Canadian sitcom us ‘Mericans import…what was it…I can’t recall the name….oh that’s right, there ain’t one.


  6. lspoon: I blame the French.

    girl with curious hair: a) What is your hair curious about? b) All of my blog posts would involve “Goooooooooooooooooooooooal!!!!” Hmm. Kinda like that.

    deutlich: I decided that I hated the post and took it down. I’m temperamental like that. Though since Google Reader has loose lips, I may just stick it back up.

    clink: That WAS a little known fact. Fun!

    fiorella: Oooh. That’s a good one too. And clearly we have a very special bond… involving under appreciated British bands that were at their peak twenty-odd years ago.

    hollywood sucker & paige jennifer: Here is my thing with 30 Rock: Every single script for every single episode could do with a serious polishing. There are some funny moments, but they are overshadowed by duds. They take a joke and beat it into the ground. "Rural Juror?" By the time they finally stopped, I had forgotten why I ever found the initial joke funny. Also, if Alec Baldwin wasn't on it, I think it would be almost unwatchable. And the fact that so many people appear to like it says more about the current level of comedy writing on television than anything else.

  7. #6) It’s Mardi Gras! Go get some beads.

    — Obama!
    — Tina Fey IS funny… she’s just not THAT funny. And, you’re right– it would be unwatchable without the Baldwin (I met him in New York, btw. Yay me!)
    — I actually hadn’t heard that song before.

  8. jenbun: I made your life better by introducing you to that song. I’m a giver is what I am.

    mel: Rock the vote!

    max: I hope you aren’t saying anything negative about The Trailer Park Boys. Mostly because I spin more rhymes than a lazy Susan, and I’m innocent until my guilt is proven.

  9. 2) SO blog blocked. I’ve written three posts in the past two days and they all sucked and were stuck in the draft folder. Bleeeeech.

    What’s sitting in your draft folder is probably better than anything I’ve written in the past two years.

  10. #6 – I lurk. Not because I mean to be a jerk, but because I’m intimidated by the wittiness of this blog. But look! I’m being less jerk-y already.

    #7(bonus!) – I get really excited when I see the Songza bar on posts because I get to learn about cool, new music.

  11. #6: many Australian radio stations refuse to play "Romeo & Juliet" if you try to request it because it's apparently 'too long'… stupid no-brain radio stations.

    And I’ve never seen “30 Rock” because the stupid tv station down here that has the rights to it puts it on late at night… after my bed time.

    Australian media is stupid. I would use other words but I’m having a limited vocab kind of a day.

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