like the electric slide, but not exactly

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  1. Princess of the Universe says:

    Actually I think it IS plagiarism if you do it to yourself. (that’s a bloody hard word to spell)

  2. JenBun says:

    It’s only plagiarism if it has been published elsewhere. If that is true, then you should cite where it is published. If not (or if you self-publish!), then you’re golden!

    Also? I don’t think this is too blech at all… and *I* know blech!

    I really liked the lines “False bravado and sarcastic wit/would provide no shelter from this storm”– sounds familiar…

  3. A Lil' Irish Lass says:

    So not blech. Loved it. Wished I was the girl. The usual.

  4. Alaina says:

    Nice piece.

    Really like the one below. I was drinking a glass of water at the last line. I have to go find some screen wipes for my laptop now.


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