Like Rock of Love… with fewer bandanas

dmbmeg has come up with an inspired blog idea. She and Blythe are doing a little something called…


Apparently it is based on the premise of “Rock of Love.” (Which I still haven’t found on Canadian TV, yet have been very curious about because of Clink’s numerous mentions. )

I’m not sure how the drafting process went down, but each have 15 or 16 dudes on their respective lists. And I was luckily enough to be included on dmbmeg’s list. (I’m choosing to ignore the fact that I am listed AFTER one dude that is a perv and another that’s a raging jackass.)

I also have no idea about the rules. But, I’m assuming that I’ll have to put out for one or both of them at some point.

If you check out the comments, you’ll notice many of the dudes kissing ass and pleading their feeble cases.

Pffft to that.

That’s not how I do business.

I don’t compete for the affections of women. If they can’t tell right away that I am vastly superior, then I am going to have some serious questions about their judgment and taste in general. (We call that “reason #764 why I am still single.”)

Still, kudos to dmbmeg for a kickass blog idea.

And that was not ass-kissing.


I don’t like your tone.

0 thoughts on “Like Rock of Love… with fewer bandanas

  1. You’re totally the Jes of the group. Not that you know what that means because they aren’t showing the show up there and wtf, why does Canada deprive you?

    However, rest assured that it’s a good thing.

  2. clink: I just did some googling. She has pink hair and tattoos? Though, coming from you, I am sure that it is a compliment.

    f.o.l: I am hoping that self-absorbed and a little dopey looks like aloof to others.

    brookem: Thanks for dropping in! I hope your day improves.

    sybil: Awww. Thanks! It is quite a mystery. ;)

  3. dmbmeg: I had a hunch that it might be the asshole thing. Curses!

    blythe: I meant no disrespect. I thought she had come up with the idea and then enticed you into it. So, I have to somehow charm both of you while still appearing not to be trying? As history has shown, me charming one woman at a time is rare enough.

  4. piouscoy: You know, I think that is probably good advice in general.

    lisa: Thanks! Can I thank a Canadian bias for your feeling? ‘Cause I’m totally ok with that.

  5. stormin’: Are you scoffing at my vibe?

    steph: I… don’t know. That is a good question. Maybe a crown of some sort? I could rock a crown.

  6. It was actually Blythe’s idea. I can’t take credit for this kind of genius.

    He wins my love and affection. That is better than any kind of alcohol of any sort.

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