la petite cuillère

Tingles started in my fingers,
now spreading.
Not moving them.
Other hand wants to
aches to
but stays on your hip.
No hardship.
Nose grazing
back of your neck.
Fighting urges to
give in
give back
give up
Balancing actor.
Shadows falling
for you
across us.
You shiver.
I freeze.
‘Cause when you wake up
that’s when
I know
that’s when
you question it all.

0 thoughts on “la petite cuillère

  1. So … I don’t speak French and decided to google the title of your blog post. And well I got sent to a kamasutra website. Guess I can expect yet any other little talk from the IT department.

  2. “Gently-er”

    Upon this word, the English major in me makes me (1) pause, (2)object, (3) smile, (4) love. (In that order.) Nice work! (The whole peom, not just the one word.)

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