KAPOW! A contest!


Remember yesterday when I told you about my new novel project?

Well now I want to reward you lovely people for buying it. (You know, beyond the general reward you already get from experiencing me writing about super heroes and loooooooove!)

The Prize:


Yup. That is as specific as I’m going to be.

You see, I am a spoiler in a long-distance relationship. So I have found many, many ways to use the internet and the mail service(s) to share cool things.

I will customize the prize based on the person who wins.

Maybe I’ll reward you with a buttload of Canadian snack treats.

Maybe a gift card for someplace weird and wonderful.

It could be anything.

Sound fun?

How to enter:

1) Buy my book!  (It’s only $1.99!)
2) Leave a comment saying, “I bought your book! And you are hugely talented!” Or some such. Follow your heart. I don’t like to micromanage.

That’s it, really.

3) You can also earn one bonus ballot by tweeting the following:

Check out @PeterDeWolf ‘s $50 of AWESOME contest!  http://peterdewolf.com/?p=2978 #KAPOW

4) You can earn another bonus ballot by sharing a link to this post on Facebook and and another for  Google+ too.

5) Leave me a comment telling me about any extra ballots you earned.  Provide links and junk.

That’ s it!

The contest will run until December 22, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST.

I hope you enjoy KAPOW!: A Super Love Story (Part 1)

I look forward to sending one of you something awesome.


24 thoughts on “KAPOW! A contest!

  1. Bought your book, loving it!
    I always love/hate waiting for the next book in a series, usually I wait ’til at least 2 books are out in a series before starting, so hope the next installment is out soon!
    Will post on facebook and come back with the linky thing.

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