Just another manic Monday…

(Did I really just use that as a title?)

Two more sleeps until the ACN’s mommy & daddy fly home. And I think that our little punkin is getting a bit lonely.

This morning we had a bit of a contretemps.

Essentially, I wanted her to wear pants. Her opinion was more of a “Yeah, naw, not gonna happen” kind of deal.

There were tears (mostly hers,) there was bargaining (she can’t be bribed!) and finally we reached an agreement…

She’d get dressed BUT she was going to send Uncle Pete to timeout.

She discovered Sunday afternoon that she LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES sending Uncle Pete to timeout. Uncle Pete didn’t mind it either, and spent his timeout punishment sprawled out on his bed watching college basketball (Duke vs. Georgia Tech.) She’d put me in for two minutes at a time, because she really enjoyed coming to the door and having me ask if I could come out. She’d shake her head “no” and buckle over laughing. I must have spent two hours in timeout.

However, the ACN realized today that it was only fun to send Unc to timeout when her grandparents and The Monkey were here to play with. Today, when it was just us again, it wasn’t nearly as exciting.


The Monkey

This morning, she had to come to timeout with me. She was a bit torn. She wanted me to suffer, but she was bored. She did put up with it for a while though, and giggled at my incarceration. However, hunger became more of a pressing issue than torturing me, so she freed me from the clink.

Crap. There was another funny story, but my mind has gone blank. D’oh! It was gold.

Uh oh. I’ve been typing for too long. If I don’t go do something entertaining soon, I’ll be back in timeout.

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