It's pink too?

The ACN is coming to visit this weekend.

She is very excited. (Beyond the normal excitement that anyone feels when they get to hang out with me.)

She just got an electric wheelchair.

We have decided to call it “Super Chair-y.” Something that cracks her up. A lot.

I’ve yet to see the chair, as she only got it recently, but we’ve talked about it a lot on the phone. She looooves it. However, some digging has lead to the real reason why she is so excited to show it to me…

She wants to try to run over my toes.

And it weighs 250 lbs.

Still, I am super excited to see her running it on her own. She is still learning how to use it, but seems so proud of herself, and to be very much enjoying some freedom.

She called me last night from Super Chair-y. She had the cordless phone, on speakerphone, sitting on her lap as she drove around the house — while her Daddy was doing things like moving dishes of dog food out of her path. She squealed with delight.

I’ve been smiling like a goof ever since.

While watching her drive her chair this weekend, I am going to be one proud and toe-less uncle.

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0 thoughts on “It's pink too?

  1. You gotta love the ACN’s style … and motivation.

    And toes… bah – so overrated as being a necessity!

  2. I’m not sure which is cuter, ACN’s excitement at running over your toes or your pride in her. You are an adorable team.

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