It's not just me…

The ACN told her mommy not to pack her a lunch today. She was going to buy her lunch in the cafeteria. A fish burger, she had decided.

Apparently, at some point, there was a change in plans.

Because, when she got home, her mommy and daddy read her little book (that teachers and EAs leave messages in) and it turned out that The ACN and her lunchtime EA (educational assistant) ordered in Chinese food.

Not TOO spoiled.

0 thoughts on “It's not just me…

  1. not only logical, but clearly an imperative. if one is an adorably cute niece, one should not be subjected to things with overtones of mcdonald’s for lunch.
    it’s good that her ea could see that.

  2. She has a gift I tell you, a gift. And one of these days (*scratches chin with evil glint in eyes*) I will figure out what it is and use it for world domination.

  3. al&af: Yeah, I tend to agree. Now, if it was a chicken burger…

    kelsi: I think we like this EA.

    clink: I have no idea how she does it — says the dude that spent a weekend pretending to be a puppy.

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