It’s National Day on Writing


It’s National Day on Writing.

English teachers decided this a few years back. Hopefully not while half-soused at a convention in Sarasota, Florida. But a good idea is a good idea is usually squashed. This one wasn’t.

Let’s celebrate it.

While my national is not the same as most of your nationals, I want to piggy-back, if you don’t mind.

And even if you do.

See writing is the ultimate in selfishness.

A conversation they can’t interrupt.

Writing is the ultimate in sharing too.

You have to pay attention to everyone and everything.

To be good.

I write to quiet the voices.

And to give them their say.

I write every day.

You should too.

Spoken communication battles many censors. The facial cues and body language of your audience affects what you say. Even if you’ve carefully rehearsed, it can’t be helped.

Writing battles one censor.


I think you should write today. And I don’t care what it is.

Express what your tongue can’t or won’t wrap around.

Write a letter. Send it.

Or don’t.

Write to leave a legacy. Or to celebrate that of another.

Writing doesn’t care if you just picked up a pen for the first time and, between messy ink explosions of righteous indignation, tuck it behind a still-wet ear.

Writing doesn’t care if you’re growing soft around the middle and hard around the edges, and have wisdom you want to share with people who won’t listen anyway because kidsthesedaysIjustdon’tknow…

I write because I have to.

You should write because you get to.

I write a lot of different things, for as many different reasons.

I write because sometimes she asks me why I’m smiling.

I answer “Because I like you.”

It’s not enough.

I’m smiling because I’m planning our future in one of her blinks. Because the way she looks at me strips me bare and I never want to be clothed again. I’m smiling because the lilt in her voice renders music obsolete. Because those tiny crinkles near her eyes require my close monitoring. I’m smiling because fate or the universe brought her to me. And I’m smiling because I’m smart enough to be thankful. Always.

Now she knows.

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