It's my favourite day of the year again…

And this is why!

Munchkinpants is seven years old today.


And somehow getting cuter every single day.

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10 Responses

  1. MissE says:

    You were right – the entire ‘ladybug ensemble’ is gorgeous! She is most definitely getting more adorable every day!

  2. MissE says:

    And there should be an ‘even’ between getting and more in that previous comment of mine… darn it!

  3. Mel says:

    cute! maybe i should go back and read your previous posts more often.

    Hope your sister enjoys her Mothers Day.

  4. canadian sadie says:

    Ladybugs! How lovely! :)

  5. lspoon says:

    I never realized the ACN and I almost shared birthdays! I’m sure you made her day a very special one :)

  6. Essentially Me says:

    Happy 7th ACN!

  7. JenBun says:

    Yay! Happy 7th Birthday, ACN!!!

    I’m sure that her very adorable uncle made sure that the EXTREMELY adorable munchkin had a special day! ;)

    Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to the ACN Mom, and the PeteMom, too, of course!

  8. Lauren says:

    oh, she’s adorable!!

  9. mindy says:

    Well, that is indeed one cute little munchkin!

  10. Hollywood Sucker says:

    I am jealous of her sunglasses. I want a pair!

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