0 thoughts on “It's long been my dream to write something that people could read on the crapper.

  1. Ha ha, that’s great. I’ve always wanted to write something that people would really enjoy (more than they would sit around talking about how sophisticated it was, or something), and this seems like a good measure!

  2. JenBun: so true.

    chele: Santa just REALLY likes my novella.

    Ashley: You would not believe just how often people sit around discussing how sophisticated my writing is.

    Thrice: Now you can spread the word in South America!

    EM: I thought so too. Yet… fitting.

    Mindy: He is a candle!

  3. I’m so proud of you, you have made it in the world!

    If you’d like, I can put my copy next to the toilet too. Just so you can say two people have it next to theirs.

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