it’s Lisa

I posted this the other day on (the soon to be rebranded) Pooping Rainbows.


I received a wrong number text this morning.

“Hi, it’s Lisa. We need to talk.”

The single dude mental-muscle-memory kicked in and I thought, “Uh oh… what did I do/say last night?” This was quickly followed by, “Hey! Wait a minute.”

I don’t know any Lisas well enough to “need” to talk to them. I’ve been in a (kick ass) relationship for years, so the statutes of limitations with any other “need to talk”s with women have long since run out.

I replied and told her she had the wrong number.

But then I thought about her words.

Who is Lisa? What does she need to talk about? And who did she mistake me for? I started cooking breakfast, but I grew curiouser and curiouser.

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