It’s like a party!

I love


Some of my favourite writers of all time posting in one place? Come on.

But I got greedy.

So one night I emailed Drea and explained that I wanted the site to be more. I described my vision as “a network of awesome.” But, because I’m me, it went on for paragraphs. I hit send.

Then I waited.

After a couple of days, I thought, “Hmmm. Clearly Drea thinks I’m a goof and has no idea what I am talking about.” It happens.


Then Drea tweeted at me that she got my email, and was thinking about her reply, because she liked it so much.


I kinda thought she would get it.

So we started emailing each other. (She learned about how I love to send random emails at all times of the day.)

We had some phone chats.

Drea even risked life and limb pulling off to the side of a highway to email me the name for the site…

The Hooray Collective.


You should check it out.

And, if you feel like you’ll be a good fit, let us know. (Looking for podcasters, vloggers, photographers, singers, dancers, etc.)

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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