it’s like a mantra, eh

I get asked for advice quite often. I get complained to even more. And there is one piece of advice I almost always think, but rarely ever give. Maybe I don’t know them well enough. Maybe I don’t want to seem rude. But I think it is useful advice. I think it fits many situations.

And here it is…

Fuck ’em.

If they don’t like your clothes, your hair, your make-up.

Fuck ’em.

If they try to tear you down to build themselves up.

Fuck ’em.

If they try to make you feel less than what you are.

Fuck ’em.

If they say they’re just kidding, but their smirk says different.

Fuck ’em.

If they talk down to you.

Fuck ’em.

If they begin a sentence with “I don’t mean to be a bitch…”

Fuck ’em.

If they don’t do what they say.

Fuck ’em.

If they’re not there for you.

Fuck ’em.

If they don’t believe you can make your dreams come true.

Fuck ’em.

If they exclude you.

Fuck ’em.

If they know how you feel and keep doing it.

Double fuck ’em.

Surround yourself with people who pick you up and lift you up and always, always have your back.

Everyone else?

Fuck ’em!

Now go on and be awesome.


photo credit: PDR via photopin cc

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5 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t know, Peter. None of those people sound particularly fuckable.

  2. @mmbizon says:

    I can always count on @peterdewolf to give me a good kick in the rear: “It’s like a mantra, eh”

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