It's a process

I haven’t been bloggy lately.  And that continues, really.  But I have been trying to do some work on the new novel idea.

Typically all I need to write is time.  (And having a cute girl to try to show off for ALWAYS helps.)

However there is a certain process that I follow when I sit down at the writing desk.

– stare at handwritten outline for follow-up to this

– put baseball cap on

– have the “novel?  screenplay?  novel?  screenplay?  telenovela” debate

– spin around in desk chair

– take baseball cap off

– sing along to this song

– drum on space bar with thumbs

– put baseball cap on, but backwards

– wonder if “my writing process” would be a fun idea for a blog post

– decide that it wouldn’t be

– realize I am in my 30s and turn baseball cap around

– ponder the merits of The Snuggie

– write a dialogue exchange that amuses me and give myself a half hour break

0 thoughts on “It's a process

  1. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. And I think that it is perfectly acceptable for a man in his 30’s to wear his hat backwards (and the reason I think this is because I almost got a broken nose once when a guy wearing his hat the right way went to kiss me and the bill of his hat whacked me in the nose).

  2. When I used to have a swivel chair, I, too, was a big swiveller.

    My most repeated “routine” is:

    – stare at screen
    – head downstairs to look in some random cupbaord/mooch/walk downstairs just for the sake of it
    – head back upstairs to stare at screen
    – decide I need a cup of tea
    – head back downstairs to make tea
    – make tea and head back upstairs
    – decide I need biscuits …

    and so on! ;p Obviously, by then, it’s time for a break!

    Good luck with your writing! :0)

  3. Writing another book? Damn that’s impressive. I’m hoping that once I complete my thesis I’ll at least pick up a pen and start working on my book.

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