it’s a good question, future wife

Hi, love.

A long-time blog reader sent me a question this morning.

“How do you stay so optimistic and positive about the future and Mrs. Future Wife?”

I’ve been asked quite a few questions about these letters to you – and heard some criticisms – but I’ve never been asked that one so directly.

I thought about it while still in bed.

I thought about it running an errand this morning, while being distracted by just how ridiculously blue the harbour is today.

I burned my breakfast while thinking about it.

And then I started typing.

I told her that I don’t always. When I’m not positive about you, FW, I just don’t blog about/to you. Sometimes I don’t blog at all. Or I write a word doodle with a lot of swearing in it. (Like this one.¬†Or maybe this one.)


There are 7.046 billion people on the planet.

Let’s call it 3.5 billion women.

Let’s say a billion are in the right age range?

Or even 500 million.

I’m pretty picky (aka I know myself and who would work well with me) and would only consider dating one in twenty… give or take?

That leaves me with 25 million women.

Surely at least a handful will appreciate how awesome I am, right?

I told her that it’s also about knowing what you bring to the table. I know how amazing a boyfriend I am. I know I’ll be an even better husband. I was a marketing major. I can sell my talents.

Plus the internet is a window to those 25 million women.

We live in a wondrous age.

It’s about putting yourself out there, warts and all.

It’s about sharing pieces of yourself, and seeing who decides those pieces fit in their unique puzzle.

While I’ll admit, some days it is harder to see you, Future Wife.

Some days the fog settles in and makes me wonder.

But anyone who lives near an ocean knows that lights are what makes fog become beautiful.

You’re one of those lights.

It’s hard not to get excited about that.



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