It didn't taste quite right.

My brother-in-law is a great guy. He makes sure that I get as much access to my pride and joy as humanly possible, and he would give you the shirt off of his back.

He’s the kind of guy you would call if you woke up next to a dead hooker. Or even next to an unconscious legal assistant who was all full of big talk, but had bitten off a little more than she could chew and —

Well, nevermind that.

He’s a quality dude.

However, quick-witted replies are not really his game. So, we were all quite impressed when he had a couple of good lines the other morning (including one at my expense,) especially considering that he was hungover at the time.

But, his moment of glory didn’t last long. Five minutes later, he asked my sister if she had seen his baseball cap. It was sitting on his head at the time.

And then he buttered his toast with shortening.

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  1. 2 questions:

    1) What, exactly, did the legal assistant bite off??

    2) (And you know we are ALL wondering this) What line did he manage to get in at your expense???

    And blech! :D

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