Is this a sports addiction?

1:30 pm – Toronto Raptors vs Lottomatica in an exhibition (read: meaningless) game from Europe.

3:00 pm – UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. (My first ever NASCAR race, as Jacques Villeneuve is making his debut.)

5:00 pm – Colts vs. Bucs. (Bob Sanders is injured. Curses!)

9:00 pm – Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids (MLS)

0 thoughts on “Is this a sports addiction?

  1. From a girl who has watched football and baseball from 1pm until…well, yeah still watching now at almost 9pm…no. I prefer the term “dedicated fan.”

  2. lisa: Was a rough season anyway. With new strikers next season, they’ll have a much better year.

    ska: And what are the odds of finding a sports addicted female to marry?

    sybil: Glad to hear it. I assume that you admire my restraint.

    steph: Sometimes that’s the price you gotta pay. Plus I’ve been an expert recliner for years now.

    clink: There absolutely should be more like you.

    keshi: I kind of suspected that was the case.

  3. Pete, depends where you look, and what you mean by “sports addicted female”. Do you mean a woman that spends 8-12 hours flipping around to keep track of all the various games that are on, or one who actually PLAYS? The latter might be easier to find that the former… and then you’d be the perfect guy, as you’d be seen as “supportive” and not “addicted to sports”.

    Could work.

  4. mindy: You are SO right. Thankfully I had a house full of people to talk to while the race was on. So dull.

    ska: Wouldn’t have to be an addict. A fan of at least a few teams would be cool though. (Unless it was the NY Knicks or NJ Nets.) Athlete chicks (current or former) have an extra mrrowwrr appeal as well.

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