International "Admit Something That Makes You Look Bad" Day

As you all know, today is the anniversary of the day that Edward Bransfield sighted the Trinity Peninsula and claimed the discovery of Antarctica.

It is also the Feast of Boshtoc in the Klingon Calendar*

However I think we should also make this International “Admit Something That Makes You Look Bad” Day.

You probably got that from reading the title, eh?

Since I am a good blogger, I will admit something first…

Once I know that a woman has given birth to a child, I find it more difficult to see her as a sexual (pronounce it “seck-shuuuuuu-al”) being.

They become a “mom.”

Wait… that’s pretty obvious.  

Do you know what I mean?

They are someone’s mom, maaaaan.

This includes beautiful movie stars.  Even that evil home-wrecking Angelina Jolie.

And before you grab the torches and pitch forks (from your desk drawers?), know that it has nothing to do with any changes that might occur to the woman’s body.   It’s just…

They are someone’s mom, maaaaan.

I am 99.37% sure that it would be a different story if the woman gave birth to my child.  Then it is a beautiful expression of our love (or poor choice in birth control) and would only make her sexier in my eyes.

Plus, I’ll owe her for giving birth to my child.  Seriously.  Have you seen how big my head is?

There you have it.  

Now, when you finish judging me, tell me something that makes YOU look bad.


(*I made that up, I am not a geek.**)

(**I’m not! Maybe I’m a bit of a dork, but who are YOU to judge?***)

0 thoughts on “International "Admit Something That Makes You Look Bad" Day

  1. In my fourth year of teaching I let my Year 9 English class be utterly traumatised by a Year 10 Drama assessment task that involved the Year 9s thinking that one of the Year 10 boys had stabbed two students outside our classroom. At which point I then let him in the classroom while my Year 9s screamed at me not to open the door… I won’t go into anymore detail but suffice to say that seven years on, I guarantee that every single one of them still remember that lesson. I still look back and feel horrified at myself for allowing them to be so traumatised.

  2. Horizontal stripes make me look bad.

    Oh? Not that kind of “thing that makes you look bad”?

    Ok. Well, sometimes I don’t hold the elevator for people when I can hear them coming because I don’t want to talk to strangers. Either my parents taught me very well (“don’t talk to strangers”) or I am a complete asshole. Tough call.

  3. Sometimes I cut people off while driving because they piss me off. Okay… it is a hell of a lot more often than sometimes – but have you ever seen Calgary drivers? They would make even the most sane person want to throw themselves off a bridge.


    I don’t know if that makes me look bad or good… Whatever he SUCKS

    But more seriously, if a television show isn’t on the night it’s suppose to be on, I will cry and or throw a hissy fit

  5. I’ve never given a cent to a homeless person begging on the street. I’m that cold-hearted bitch who walks right by. Maybe if I wasn’t so goddamn poor, but really, that’s not it. Honestly? I’m a fast-walker, and I’m GOING somewhere… I just don’t want to stop.

  6. I downloaded a virus onto an old coworkers computer and ruined everything they had on it… just because I didn’t like them.

    Ok, that was REALLY bad.

  7. I’m not sure what makes me look bad.

    I guess the fact that everyone thinks I’m screwing the sales manager at work. I’m not, but that doesn’t matter if you’re a gossip.

    Its actually bad enough that even my boss (the owner) finds ways to bring it up in any review I have.

    Seems that if you’re a single girl you can’t be friends with a guy and not be screwing.

  8. I know we can both agree that there is very little that can make me look bad…

    But, ever since I lost my job, I can’t fall asleep without watching “The Golden Girls.” Which means, basically, I stay up late a lot. There’s just something so comforting about that themesong!

    “Thank you for being a friend…”

    And I won’t even tell you which one I relate to… ;)

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