inch by inch

After much searching, she discovers the last cool spot on her pillow.

She wants to find sleep before it gets too warm.


The sheets feels good against her skin. As always.

They’re just cotton. Not meant for seduction.

Which makes them that much sexier.

Her body can’t tell time.

The ceiling fan is slightly out of balance.

It clicks.

Not loudly.

But regularly.

It clicks.

She is doing everything she can to avoid the self-fulfilling prophecy that is sleeplessness.

But thinking about doing that just feeds the beast.

The clock is on his side of the bed. Her glasses sit next to it.


He’s sleeping so soundly.

She feels lonely.

She knows it’s silly.

Her insides are feeling more and more like a coiled spring.


She knows he won’t mind.

But she feels bad about it already.

She sits up.

She places a delicate hand on his shoulder.


He stirs immediately.

He blinks her into focus.

He sees her face.

He knows.

He caresses her cheek with the back of his hand.

She rubs her face on his hand to get even more touching.

He mumbles something with “down” in it.

She lies down on her stomach.

He slowly gets up.

He runs a hand through his messy sleephair.

He kneels on either side of her thighs.

He reaches up and gently moves her long hair away from the back of her neck.

He leans in and gives her a kiss.

Then he starts massaging the back of her neck gently.

She moans softly.

One hand on her shoulder.

Then the other.


Exactly hard enough.

Her eyes close.

The wave of warm spreads.

He slowly, and gently takes the bottom of the back of her tank top and pulls it up.

He runs his warm hands down her back.

Then back up.

Even slower.

She loves how big his hands are.

More shoulder caressing.

He moves his hands down her smooth back again.

Just finger tips.

Just barely touching.

Her whole body tingles.

Massaging her lower back.

His thumbs digging in.

Just the perfect amount.

Hands on her hips.

Squeezing a little.

He runs his knuckles up her back.

He pushes her tank top up higher.

She rolls over and sits up.

She lifts her arms above her head.

He pulls her tank top up.

And off.

She pauses for a moment, then turns around and lies down on her stomach again.

He runs his hands so slowly up her sides.



He caresses the sides of her breasts.

He lingers.

She whimpers.

It’s barely audible.


He leans in.

Then he runs his hands up over her shoulders.

Up her outstretched arms.


Inch by inch.

His fingers interlock with hers.

He squeezes.

He presses his chest against her back.

He leans in.

Breath lands before the whisper.


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