in which i return to just blogging what i’m thinking about

I forget, sometimes, that I live on an island.

The large sparkling body of water a couple of stone throws from my bedroom window not serving as enough of a reminder, it seems.

I forget, sometimes, that I live on an island.

But I was reminded today.

Meandering on the well-aged roads that caterpillar around the coast, I looked up and saw it.

A large ship.

Looking deceptively close because of weather and humidity and meteorological voodoo I’ve long since forgotten.

It was the type you could see from my backyard if you were so inclined to look.

Hauling some kind of gravel-like material from an island in a much warmer locale.

Through the causeway.

Waving hello to Prince Edward Island.

Arriving at the St. Lawrence Seaway system.

Gateway to the Great Lakes.

I think I still remember all of their names.

The Great Lakes remind me of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

That makes me a little sad.

I love Gordon Lightfoot.

He’s getting so old.

That makes me a little sad too.

I know people on those ships.

Friends. Family. Friends of the family.

I know people, but only vaguely where they go.

But I like watching them.

These ships.

As they go by.

As they wait their turn to sever the tie between Cape Breton and the world.


I like watching them from my backyard.

I imagine some deck-hand with ambition that comes and goes, looking over the side and staring at my little green island playing hide and seek in the blue.

He forgets, sometimes, that he’s on a boat.

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  1. Melissa says:

    You live in PEI?! I had no idea! I visited for two weeks last summer and absolutely loved it. You live in our country’s prettiest province, in my opinion! :)

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