"In a Relationship with…"

Today at PeterDeWolf.com, we are going to discuss my latest addiction…

Wearing women’s shoes.

Kidding. I’m kidding.


Actually we are going to discuss Facebook some more.

And by “we,” I obviously mean ME.

I’ve already touched on how horrifically old Facebook made me feel a couple of weeks ago. There is absolutely no need for us to revisit that.

Today we are going to discuss the cooler stuff about the ‘book.

The ‘book…

I can’t see THAT catching on.

Unlike the site itself, which is spreading faster than your mom’s legs during Fleet Week.


When asked recently what was cool about Facebook, I didn’t really come up with an answer. My reply was something like, “It’s addictive… but, in a good way. Just fucking sign up.”

I’ve given it some more thought. Here are a few of the things that I’ve come up with:

Finding old friends that you’ve lost touch with for some unknown reason.

Finding old friends that you’ve lost touch with for reasons that quickly come back to you.

Catching up with both groups.

Seeing the profile of old friends that you thought would never settle down, and seeing them posing all fatherly in pictures with their young daughters.

Finding out that a high school friend is now the drummer in a very good band.

Seeing profiles of old crushes and then adding some as friends while ignoring others.

And not being sure why.

People you hadn’t thought of in years adding you out of the blue.

And then sharing old stories with them.

Joining groups with ridiculous names and mandates.

Wondering how Facebook’s “In a relationship with…” thing would handle it if I was a polygamist.

Seeing someone on your friends’ “friends” list and thinking, “She’s so cute and blonde, why haven’t I been introduced to HER?”

And, possibly best of all, being kept abreast of all the doings and to-ings and fro-ings of your friends. You’ll even be informed when your friends break-up. The accompanying icon is a little broken heart. Awww. Sad.

Originally I thought that I’d get a bunch of people addicted to the site, and then delete my account and giggle at them. However, I am completely hooked now.

I assume that at some point the experience will go beyond critical mass for me. I’ll eventually “friend” everyone I know with an account. And I won’t meet new people often enough to keep my interest.

Of course that will give me more free time. Time I can spend discovering that critical mass doesn’t mean exactly what I thought it did.

Until then, I have to go log back in…

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  1. But what if you’re a relentlessly bitter and foul person when discussing matters of high school and think that everyone you lost touch with (which is, coincidentally, everyone) you lost touch with for a reason and you have so much indifference toward that group of people that you don’t care what they’re up to and, indeed, the only way you WOULD give a rat’s fat ass is if they’re doing something at which you could engage in stomach clutching giggles because they thought they were so awesome and look at them now, and you know that that isn’t right so you probably shouldn’t seek out this information because you are a bitter, hostile person in matters of adolescense.

    Not that I’m talking about me or anything. Just a hypothetical.

    What? I’m just saying.

  2. some of my friends call it “the face” if you want to try that out and see if it tickles your fancy.

    when isu first got facebook, i signed up. mainly because it was one of the things you could only get if you went to a real college. no community collegiates need apply. then everybody was allowed to do it and it lost its sparkle. so i ditched it. now i guess it has a lot more than it originally did but i don’t really miss it. i just don’t like it when people ask if i have one and i say no and they’re like, “YOU don’t have a FACEBOOK?!” whatever. maybe one day i’ll go back. wonder if my same page would show up…

  3. I think you’d look rather becoming in women’s shoes…

    Bruhahahaha. Haha. Aha.

    Take that for making me join that cult that is also know as Facebook.

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